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  1. Japanese Nikkei (Japanese descendants) Visa
  2. Changing from national health insurance to company insurance
  3. ES behavioral issues in JHS
  4. Long Term Car Rental
  5. izu oshima typhoon
  6. Spiders in Japan
  7. Drugs/prison issues in Japan?
  8. Disputing a charge on a Softbank bill?
  9. Hikari TV
  10. ALT Survey from Law Firm/Foreign Rights Entity
  11. What's that word?
  12. Cloud Computing
  13. Questions for JHS teachers!
  14. JHS students becoming increasingly threatening.
  15. Plane Tickets
  16. Switching from a work visa to a tourist landing permission
  17. Key money? Subsidized rent? What is your personal experience?
  18. Having Kids - Cesarean Birth ( C-Section )
  19. Buying a smartphone - here (Australia) or Japan?
  20. Driving Violation on IDP
  21. Typical Work Schedule for ALTs
  22. Turning down unwanted male attention...
  23. Getting jobs/experience teaching adults for IELTS examining?
  24. Gifts/Omiyage When Arriving
  25. That awkward moment when...
  26. Phone Situation Upon Arriving
  27. Filing a JET Accident Insurance Claim
  28. Another smartphone question -- please help! (Sorry in advance.)
  29. Flight to Tokyo
  30. Dealing with an apartment lease
  31. Need to break contract without giving sufficient notice
  32. National AJET's spring survey
  33. Gyms in Japan
  34. FBI background check
  35. What's the smallest JHS you've taught at?
  36. What can I expect at Town Hall?
  37. Long Distance Running in Japan
  38. Return flight options
  39. SHS English Club Skype sessions!
  40. Would you accept JET if you had heavy financial commitments back home?
  41. J-radio online
  42. Edinburgh Pre-Departure Q&A BBQ for News JETs
  43. Ridiculously loud/inconsiderate neighbor (rant/seeking advice)
  44. Fukushima questions
  45. Rural placements
  46. 2 year contract policy for Softbank in Japan, or Docomo or au
  47. Japan - land of four seasons
  48. Tokyo Nightlife- A How to Guide- crazy stories welcomed
  49. Electric bicycles?
  50. Just the one year
  51. For the Privacy-Concerned ALT in Japan
  52. ALT Confessions
  53. Eyedrops for Dry/Lasered Eyes Question
  54. Upgrading your flight to Japan
  55. Shipping/Packing for JET
  56. First Month on JET (This Upcoming August)
  57. 3 year visa renewal
  58. Unifying elementary and middle schools in Japan into a 9-year system? (Japanese)
  59. Buying a Car in Japan
  60. Questions about furniture and interior design...
  61. Official - Officially Dead?
  62. Japenglish: Shit that's wrong in textbooks.
  63. Certificate of Health
  64. Arguments with JTEs (Japanese teachers of English)
  65. Very Large Box shipping advice for masive game collection
  66. Taxes
  67. Private conversation lessons questions
  68. Items from Pred
  69. Driving test is complete and utter bullshit
  70. Phone in Japan
  71. "Can you teach them a game? I'll give you 5 minutes at the end of class."
  72. Tokyo orientation questions
  73. Moving within Japan: Time frames, racism, the whole shebang!
  74. Home-stay in Tokyo.
  75. I can...
  76. Actually learning to drive in Japan
  77. Contact lenses
  78. Security/customs in Japan
  79. Places actually worth visiting while you are in Japan
  80. Is the phrase "native speaker" offensive to you?
  81. Coworkers pissing me off
  82. How to deal with a troublesome class?
  83. Ways to keep busy during summer holidays
  84. Tokyo Orientation Group A people
  85. AJET Connect: TO - Worth it's weight in...?
  86. Currency Issues
  87. Keio
  88. Insuring Valuables in Japan
  89. Formal Appointment Speech
  90. Buying stuff!
  91. New Re-entry and Departure ED Card
  92. August Trip Dilemma
  93. Protecting Tatami from Furniture
  94. Mold
  95. Understanding my Japanese Gas Bill
  96. Possible career opportunities for ALTs (From NEWS)
  97. Pension after leaving Japan
  98. Internet Help
  99. HS Advice
  100. A random laundry question
  101. About SIM cards in Japan, going from a Galaxy S2 to an S5
  102. Do donations/gifted money count as "second jobs"
  103. Data-only sims for visiting Japan
  104. Expired visa and overstay
  105. Obtaining a dependent visa after arriving?
  106. A dreaded iPhone question...
  107. Ways you would like to improve your class
  108. Recontract?
  109. Breaks/Vacation?
  110. Cell phones in Japan
  111. A different kind of JET interview...
  112. Broke my arm, CO trying to make me stay off work for 6 weeks...
  113. Doing internal Japan bank transfers.
  114. New Elem. School Books Next Year?
  115. Recontracting
  116. Examples of successful classes
  117. A place to stay in Koriyama or Nihonmatsu in FUKUSHIMA for visiting journalist
  118. Paypal and Sending money
  119. BOE not letting me quit school lunch
  120. Eye care and glasses in Japan
  121. Motorcycle Talk
  122. Gym life (fitness) in Japan?
  123. Did AJET ever get fixed?
  124. What's your workout routine/diet/how do you stay in shape?
  125. UK/Japanese kids and dual citizenship
  126. car questions!
  127. Chocolate of Obligation
  128. Black hair in Japan
  129. How was the After-JET Conference this year?
  130. Bringing money to Japan
  131. Bringing prescriptions to Japan
  132. Why Japan? How did/will you answer?
  133. Taxes Questions
  134. Changing Decisions After Signing Your Contract
  135. Japanese weather
  136. Aeon to JET?
  137. Lesson horror stories
  138. ALT blogs/vlogs/books and such stuff
  139. Making cheese in Japan
  140. Driving - Good radar detectors
  141. DUAC/ Acne Cream in Japan
  142. What do you guys do to get through boredom/isolation at work?
  143. Mending Relationship with Supervisor
  144. NTT/ISPs and the interwebs
  145. JET Re-contracting Problems
  146. Trigger Warning: eating disorders
  147. When to quit your job at home
  148. Teaching English at the JSDF officer Academy. (防衛大学校)
  149. Stupid questions about Japan
  150. Jet Number?
  151. Who is the most "successful" JET alum you can think of?
  153. 6 classes a day at elementary school, plus before school class.
  154. Relationship/Cohabiting question
  155. Dental things
  156. Help! Wooden floor problem
  157. Shikoku & Kyushu
  158. The Big Guide to Shipping Stuff Home
  159. Bills (money things)
  160. Worried about getting rid of everything in my apartment if successor changes location
  161. Ladies and LGBT ALTs, what's it like to be you?
  162. Can Municipal JETs be re-contracted for 5 years?
  163. No Predecessor?
  164. Banks, Phones, etc
  165. SIM options in Japan for voice and data if bringing your own phone?
  166. Life after JET?
  167. Best and worst parts of Rural life in Japan
  168. School clubs
  169. Lost Health Insurance Card
  170. Sakura House
  171. Getting married / JET Insurance
  172. Rant first, positive remarks after
  173. General Advice
  174. Angry Rant about a JTE; What to do?
  175. Life in Japan - A Video
  176. UK JETs paying Income Tax
  177. Peoples preferred prefectures?
  178. Business Cards
  179. Leasing vs Buying a Car
  180. Preserving the wa(shoku)
  181. Top 5 English mistakes you see.
  182. Tokyo JET - Living and Expenses
  183. Accessibility in Japan?
  184. Asking for holidays at work! - Need advice
  185. Health Checks
  186. Travel Insruance for flights/hotels,...
  187. I'm cancelling my 2-year iPhone contract 10 days early...
  188. Residence Card vs Mobile Phone Contract
  189. Lunch-time juku?
  190. I'm gay - can my husband come live with me in Japan?
  191. My JTE is ignoring meeee
  192. Confused about how much taxes are for American JETs in their 3rd, 4th, 5th year?
  193. URGENT: Lost IDP and Freaking Out
  194. HyperDia
  195. Unavoidable JTE mistakes
  196. How do I contact this salon?!
  197. Changing visa status
  198. ETC card
  199. Pay-easy
  200. Breaking Contract
  201. Not Invited to Enkais
  202. Travelling Recommendations
  203. What do you do when you get homesick?
  204. Issues with JTE
  205. Going back to school
  206. Nagaoka ate my phone
  207. Good southeast Asian airlines?
  208. Pension refund
  209. Vegetarian or Vegan in Japan
  210. Cinemas in Japan - Dolby Atmos, HDR, etc?
  211. JET or 'real' job?
  212. Importing Birth Control
  213. Bank with the best savings account?
  214. Teaching good handwriting through cursive.
  215. Visa Application Payment
  216. Intend to apply to JET in 2yrs, advice?
  217. Sendai - tell me all about it!
  218. Kumamoto prefecture
  219. Five years since 3/11
  220. Japanese Elementary School for My 7 Year Old American Daughter?
  221. Candles
  222. Money Talks
  223. Who is on Izu Oshima?
  224. Teaching resources for the new school year, April 2016
  225. What Are Your Plans for Golden Week?
  226. Wisdom teeth
  227. NHK Contract
  228. Japanese Earthquake 2016 victims
  229. Ready-made baby milk in Japan.... where??
  230. Seeing all 47 Prefectures
  231. Japanese Short Courses
  232. Questions about getting an apartment, paying rent, and utilities
  233. Current & Former JETs - Your best and worst experience as a JET?
  234. 29 hours
  235. Some frustrations I need help with.
  236. Setting up a new apartment in Nagahama
  237. Preparing for the JET Program Prior to Departure
  238. Travel agencies that accept split payments?
  239. What to wear at Elementary School
  240. I need out of here.
  241. Extra things you brought with you to Japan
  242. Bringing OTC medicines
  243. Claim for Payment of Accident and Sickness Benefits
  244. Help Choosing Location?
  245. Using Unlocked Iphone with Sim card in Japan
  246. Getting a mattress for my apartment
  247. Apartment set up
  248. International festival country booth ideas
  249. Visa expiration question
  250. Moving On~