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  1. CIR Positions
  2. Location
  3. Question 2b and 17a
  4. point distribution possible in application packet?
  5. Physician's Form
  6. Living in Japan and not speaking Japanese
  7. Question for US JETS
  8. Visa sponsorship and JET acceptance
  9. Willing to look and correct SoP letter
  10. "Kyoto" vs "Kyoto City"; "Fukuoka" vs. "Fukuoka City"?
  11. plugs/earwear/jewelery on guys...
  12. bug problems in housing?
  13. which does not belong? question for those who "know" japan
  14. Living in NYC, interview in Boston
  15. are staples ok WITHIN a paper clipped section of the packet?
  16. Question about letters of reference
  17. Appropriate/ inappropriate for "Informal Study" section?
  18. How low is too low: gpa ??
  19. Reciept of Application
  20. [UK] Family background problem...ppl from USA perhaps can help too
  21. Applicaiton instructions?
  22. Real name vs. Nickname?
  23. authorization and release form?
  24. another Q about SoP
  25. Does submitting the application later yet within the deadline hurt chances?
  26. International Experience Problem...
  27. Anime = kiss of death?
  28. Sending application via USPS
  29. Older JETs?
  30. Preferences: Cities in the mountains?
  31. reference question
  32. Question 17a ["Do you want to get actively involved in education at primary..."
  33. Driver's license and the application
  34. Question about renewing
  35. The real deal on Kyoto?
  36. Self-assessment medical form - Specific questions
  37. Kobe?
  38. Transfer student?
  39. Reference advice
  40. TEFL
  41. Q. International/intercultural experience
  42. Question about Awards
  43. Trouble Printing App
  44. any JETs have experience with leaving a significant other behind?
  45. App sent without a second letter of reference?
  46. Missing evaluation form copies in reference
  47. Study institution question
  48. How confident are you?
  49. What exactly to sned application packet in?
  50. What does your Express mail tracking say?
  51. Does JET check your story out?
  52. Q about extra forms
  53. Any South Africans Applied Yet?
  54. Have you already begun saving? What is your goal amount?
  55. Official 2010 Applicant List
  56. Weird / uncommon problem with letters of recommendation.
  57. Answers cut off in PDF version?
  58. jet program & med school
  59. Saving money on JET
  60. confirmation of application
  61. Community College professors ok as References?
  62. Eating healthy in Japan?
  63. Some misc. questions about the application
  64. Mailed App Fedex Standard Overnight on Friday, App still hasn't arrived..
  65. how important are typos?
  66. So the US deadline has passed.
  67. Interview Notification
  68. Help For Socially Awkward People
  69. Official 2010 Applicant Time-Waster thread
  70. Assuming you don't get into JET. Whats your back-up plans?
  71. oh crap, did i just DQ myself? No transcript envelope
  72. Broken arm comes back to haunt me
  73. Preparing to Live in Japan
  74. Who have you told that you're applying?
  75. Get off the forum!
  76. Record number of applicants
  77. Changes in medical situation between application and departure
  78. Who has been helpful?
  79. [CANADA] Japanese proficiency call from JET
  80. Non-tradition applicant [read "old"]
  81. Puzzling interview questions
  82. n00bs: How will you show the interview panel that you are independent?
  83. sample lesson in interview
  84. Incoming JETs : The realities of the internet and you
  85. Well U.S. Folks...
  86. I lost my applicant number...
  87. US Interview Results
  89. The Semi-Official ["Because I Said So"] Placement Request Thread
  90. Preparing for the interview
  91. Getting sidetracked
  92. LA Confidential
  93. How Screwed Would You Be?
  94. Consulate acceptance quotas?
  95. Questions To Ask
  96. Random interview tips
  97. Assuming you make it.. Which one are you hoping for?
  98. What are the chances of making it into JET from the Interview?
  99. So what did you pack?
  100. interivew voucher
  101. Boston interviews
  102. Reapplying disadvantage
  103. Sample Lessons during Interview
  104. Facts about Japan!
  105. Departure dates this year?
  106. Detroit JET Interviews
  107. JETs in the Inaka
  108. Interview Follow-Up
  109. NYC Interviews
  110. ATL interviews
  111. Well.... I just had my interview. '10
  112. DC Interview
  113. SF Interviews?
  114. How about a chat room [IRC]
  115. Post Interview Hope Creation
  116. I am currently studying abroad in Japan, does this help me or hurt me?
  117. Who Wants My Placement?
  118. Interview Shenanigans
  119. Question
  120. Let's getting to know eachother!
  121. WHAT THE CHRIST quotes
  122. Prep for the interview using ITIL
  123. With all this interview confusion. NSFW unless you work at home
  124. Attn: Applying Members - Regarding Trolls
  126. 100% Acceptance rate onto the JET program [From This Uni.]
  127. The Naughty Corner
  128. Hi :o
  129. Emergency Broadcasting
  130. Mt. Fuji! [And Other Fun Things]
  131. What should we do with folks who haven't updated on the applicant thread?
  132. Hi
  133. Japanese things while waiting to hear from JET
  134. Applying to Interac, then JET?
  135. JET Program is a SCAM!
  136. Dissertations :-[
  137. Bored and crazy! Oh dear, the wait! Ways to kill time here.
  138. House/Apartment insulation
  139. bowing
  140. Sorting out documentation while overseas?
  141. Inadvertently giving false info on your application
  142. Criteria for application
  143. Learning opportunities
  144. AU, Docomo, Softbank
  145. Greater Philadelphia Cherry Blossom Festival
  146. 2010 Placements Thread
  147. Suck up, desperate or smart move?
  148. Countdown
  150. Questions about JET and alternative programs
  151. Will you get in? [Poll!]
  152. Your JET Program Conspiracy Theories
  153. Is it a good idea to talk about teaching methods in my SoP?
  154. So what are you going to do if you get on the alt list?
  155. Tomorrow is April
  156. Results by Email?
  157. Additional photos in the JET application?
  159. OMG I GOT IN :D :D :D
  160. What will you do when you get your email notice?
  161. Stuff to do before you go
  162. Irish JET 2010
  163. Was the site down today for you?
  164. The results thread! [Wild elations; suicide notes]
  165. ITT: We make fun of CLAIR
  166. Somebody Should Just Call the Embassy
  167. April 8 @ 3:00 for USA [Denver]
  168. Was this a record year for JET Applicants?
  169. Reserve...
  170. Hour Countdown to Destiny
  171. Certificate of Health
  172. Do you definitely have to leave on the departure date?
  173. Important question: Premier League on Japanese cable?
  174. Sling Feces / Whatever / Open-Ended Discussions Here, Please
  175. Brining PS3 to Japan? Laptop?
  176. I Was Accepted, But Think I Want to Reapply Next Year--What are my chances?
  177. Feedback requested for applying forum
  179. Background Check for Foreign Residency
  180. Alternates Anonymous
  181. So is there anybody else here who doesn't have a BArts?
  182. 2010 Upgrades
  183. Internet in Japan
  184. Surviving Failure
  185. UK alts 'Police Reply'
  186. Learning some Japanese before we ship out: advice please!
  187. Any Atlantic Canadians apply through Montreal?
  188. Spec-R, where are you?
  189. Sage Advice to the Noobs
  190. 2010 General Information Handbook
  191. Chest X-ray: what on earth?
  192. I-touch useful in Japan?
  193. Interesting...
  194. The Cat and Rosie love match thread
  195. Australian ALT's or CIR's past & present...
  196. Request for moderator applications
  197. Applying for 2011 intake
  198. JETs -when did you hear news of your placement?
  199. Oi, UK folk!!!!!!! >:[
  200. Japantics.com Podcast for Aspiring JETs
  201. whats the truth about hokkaido
  202. JET Program Application Process: How Does JET Select Candidates?
  203. Alternate Status and other roads to Japan?
  204. Vote for your new Applying Forum moderators!
  205. Departing from a different consulate than where you interviewed
  206. ITIL Royale 2010 [practice run]
  207. Japanese TV: I hear its terrible
  208. US Residency Certification Form Question
  209. Catastrophic Health Insurance
  210. Some Advice on Living Here
  211. New Trini, Bajan & Jamaican Jets, where are you?
  212. Moderation of the Applying forum
  213. How much Japanese did you know going into jet/how much do you know now?
  214. We are starting to find out who our successors are
  215. Blast from the past, ENKAI 91-92 JETS [VID]
  216. FBI check delays
  217. Kobe 2010 - What's the beef?
  218. Small things to do in Japan
  219. Let's Talking Placements!
  220. ITIL Members Placement Map 2010I
  221. Useful threads for the nooblets
  222. NAGASAKI Newbies, where are you??
  223. Miyagi Prefecture! Who's a-comin'
  224. Hokkaido JETS 2010
  225. Incoming KYOTO newbies!
  226. Shimane prefecture, What it is?
  227. Kagoshima-Ken Placements!!
  228. Gunma is for lovers
  229. Upgraded Alternates in Japan: Share your Stories!
  230. Putting the 愛 in Aichi
  231. Hyogo JETs 2010
  232. Welcome SPEC-R to FUKUSHIMA 2010!!
  233. DC Embassy Placements
  234. New Miyazaki JETs - where? Here!
  235. Kumamoto anyone?
  236. Theatre in Oita?
  237. Want to find out more about your placement? Check this out..
  238. Class level of English?
  239. Inaka Life, Could Someone Outline This?
  240. Pred/Successor car situation
  241. Join us on JET IRC chat [jetirc.com]
  242. Visits!
  243. Hiroshima 2010 Placements
  244. Korean problems will it effect JET?
  245. OITA JETS
  246. So, before we go, what are you guys doing/watching to psyche yourselves up?
  247. Okayama-Ken
  248. Going to Tokyo Orientation from Within Japan
  249. Where are the Aomori folks?
  250. Toronto vs Montreal - Do chances differ?