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  1. Toronto vs Montreal - Do chances differ?
  2. Toronto/Ontario JETs 2010 step up!
  3. Shimane Placements!
  4. Pre-Departure Orientation
  5. Can't find any pictures of your placement? Try this website
  6. FBI Background check is here!
  7. iPod touch vs Nintendo DS for learning Japanese
  8. Any interest in attending the Tokyo Game Show?
  9. 2010 Okinawa JETs
  10. So how'd your requests turn out?
  11. who ended up in the boonies?
  12. London JET Alumni Q&A
  13. Island Life
  14. A Friendly Reminder
  15. a place for the pred-less
  16. I have many, many questions :D
  17. Checking in at customs
  18. Dear people who think you can get a better deal on stuff than your predecessor gives
  19. Meeting up with people during Tokyo orientation
  20. SONY e-reader download books in Japan?
  21. Bringing prescription medications to Japan
  22. 2011 hopefuls! And good luck to 2010 JETs!
  23. References?
  24. What more can I do guys?
  25. Is A Recommendation Letter From A Pastor A Good Idea?
  26. 2010 JETs... hallo?
  27. A Few Questions Before Applying [2011 Hopeful]
  28. JETs from non-supported countries?
  29. My Application
  30. Involvement with the LGBTQ community?
  31. If someone in my area gets accepted does it decrease my chances?
  32. Attention: Lurkers!
  33. Grammar error in a sample SoP?
  34. Official 2011 Applicants List
  35. My SOP advice
  36. ITIL SOP help
  37. Calling all Brits [and Irish] 2011
  38. Non-Japanese ESL Teaching Experience
  39. Authorisation and Release Form
  40. Accents
  41. Anyone bored right now who would like to...
  42. Is re-using your previous application a good or bad idea?
  43. A Few Questions :]
  44. What to include in the personal statement...
  45. Sister City Placement Chances
  46. attn: sinderella and umber
  47. Official 2011 JET Application Information
  48. Will this help me or seem like it's too late?
  49. Criminal Record
  50. Recommendation letter in Japanese?
  51. References...
  52. Your Opinions on "ONLY if applicable" please
  53. NZ applications out now!
  54. Question: Proof of Graduation Letter
  55. Messy degree history
  56. Passport vs Birth Certificate
  57. Canadian applications ain' out yet.
  58. To break the quiet: How is your app going?
  59. copying university transcripts
  60. Criminal History. I need advice
  61. Age - does it matter in an application?
  63. Hullo there!
  64. US app is out
  65. Hello new here
  66. Doctor forms
  67. Just finished SOP! Anyone want to exchange proof reading?
  68. Something to watch out for?
  69. Finalities with my online app, questions
  70. Question about Transcripts
  71. N/A [Fill in wherever possible or the first entry for a question]
  72. Medical statement
  73. Reference Letters
  74. 2011 Application
  75. Application ID Number?
  76. Applying then turning down interview
  77. All the little things....
  78. Best way to answer the "Long term plan" question?
  79. How do you count Informal Studies?
  80. SOP Advice
  81. Could this work with me or against me?
  82. Required Document Item #10, proof of US citizenship
  83. Couple of questions
  84. Question about referencing graduation in reference letter
  85. Reference Can't Follow Instructions
  86. Application nitpicking, please answer guys!
  87. Medical Questions
  88. Formal Study of History, Culture, etc.
  89. SOP Format
  90. Formal Study of Japanese Language
  91. OH NO - Did I Mess Up?
  92. Application questions
  93. More than 2 letters of recommendation
  94. Need Advice on City Placement Preference
  95. GPA
  96. the delights of miyagi and fukushima
  97. Statement of Purpose
  98. Member of a scanlation group is bad?
  99. Another Medical Question
  100. Current Contact Information?
  101. When are you submitting your application?
  102. Submitted the online app
  103. Reference letters - are photo copies acceptable?
  104. Letter of Rec Length?
  105. Have I messed up big time?
  106. Big problem with my rec letters help!
  107. Questions about medical question
  108. How Long Should a Reference Have Known You For?
  109. Need advice on criminal background check
  110. SASE Return
  111. Transcript uh oh
  112. Can a Puerto Rican citizen be able to apply to JET programme
  113. Anyone delivering their apps to the embassy in DC themselves?
  114. So....now what do we do?
  115. Skitten...
  116. Am I screwed if my sent form lacked an ID number?
  117. Overall Feelings / Rate Your Confidence
  118. Photos for the Canadian application...
  119. Official 2011 Applicant Time-Waster thread
  120. Interview dates?
  121. Scary Math on Acceptance Rates
  122. So you reapplied this year...
  123. Outside of home country?
  124. Graduate/PHD Student Applicants?
  125. Recommendation Letter
  126. How do I start JET in April instead of August?
  127. Out of curiosity...
  128. Anyone get anything back from JET?
  129. Reference not on headded paper
  130. The "What Were Your Placement Preferences?" Thread
  131. Estimated time left until we hear about interviews?
  132. Interview Questions/Advice
  133. Letter of Rec from current employer?
  134. So I was bored at working and browsing the net
  135. AHHHH, HELP
  136. Should I renounce my Japanese Citizenship?
  137. Application Worries - Tattoos and Medical History
  138. rent
  139. The why JET, and why Japan thread
  140. Interview PDF is up
  141. I am curious.
  142. Is it possible to get feedback for those with no interview?
  143. It is way to early for this, but...
  144. So you didn't make it... :[
  145. bringing things to the interview
  146. FBI Background Check Form Question
  147. Irish interviews!
  148. Melty's Random Q&A Thread
  149. The Ill-Advised Interview Attire Thread
  150. The Interview: How are you preparing?
  151. Surviving the CIR interview or getting accepted as an ALT?
  152. Your Interview - How did it go?
  153. Interview - Washington DC
  154. Interview sample lessons?
  155. How to make your life easier in Japan....
  156. Wasting time until results...
  157. Once shortlisted, what does April through July look like?
  158. Will the earthquake affect the JET programme?
  159. Are applicants from big cities less likely to be accepted into JET?
  160. Problems with FBI Background Check
  161. Sayonara - Departure Flights??
  162. Dogs?
  163. Oooh! General Handbook 2011 is out
  164. 2011 Medical Forms and IRS forms
  165. How to prepare for Japan?
  166. Shortlisted?
  167. Alternates
  168. 2011 Upgrades
  169. Group A
  170. Group B
  171. Is anyone STILL waiting for results?
  172. Clothes in Japan
  173. Getting a Loan from your BoE
  174. Get your driver's license, yo.
  175. Interviewing Back Home?
  176. Transferring money
  177. Successor information is out
  178. Am I your pred?
  179. Resealing FBI record checks
  180. Mie-ken Placements!
  181. How does healthcare work in Japan?
  182. Question about the [alternate?] paper work.. and placements
  183. Things to Ask Your Pred [please help me make the info document for my successor]
  184. How to be a beggar
  185. Miyagi/Sendai ALTs New
  186. Coming to Hyogo? Come on in....
  187. Incoming Hokkaido JETs
  188. Incoming Nara Jet...
  189. Gunma Cabbages
  190. Okinawa Yeah!
  191. Buying a car in Japan
  192. Update on Placement information.
  193. When are the results going to be released? [POLL]
  194. [USA] Filing US Taxes while living in Japan
  195. I have someone's placement info...
  196. Optional orienation question.
  197. Plane Tickets
  198. Airport Reunions?
  199. Release of placement information has been delayed
  200. ATTN Skitten:
  201. Hi guys! I'm new and waiting to be accepted!
  202. We need a new Applying Forum moderator
  203. missing a deadline
  204. Placement Release Expected Date Part 2 [POLL]
  205. Applying for JET: The temporary forum [*Applying Forum rules apply in this thread*]
  206. JET Apartments in Japan a.k.a. Life in a dollhouse
  207. How did your requests turn out?
  208. Yakken Shomei for prescription toothpaste?
  209. Unmarried couples in super inaka?
  210. Anybody heading to Fukuoka?
  211. New Miyazaki JETs 2011!
  212. Applying for 2012.....
  213. pred trying to sell stuff
  214. UK Flight Details
  215. Money changing
  216. So what are you doing for last minute prep?
  217. Travel to prefecture after Tokyo Orientation
  218. Second Thoughts
  219. Being poor as S#$% and leaving with Group C
  220. Japanese Reference?
  221. Have I been too naughty for JET?
  222. Anyone in need of a summer project? SOP review wanted!
  223. Why is JET better than AEON/Peppy Kids Club?
  224. Auditing Japanese - Helpful?
  225. UK applicants - questions!
  226. Right out of Uni
  227. How did you choose what part of the country suited you?
  228. The default reply of "use Google"
  229. Medical form
  230. Official 2013 Applicants List
  231. References
  232. Guesses on this year
  233. Jet Programme Presentation
  234. Putting It All Together
  235. Changes to the 2012 Application year
  236. Age and appearance concerns about JET application
  237. Academic Results
  238. On homothexuality
  239. High School Study Abroad Experience
  240. Diploma Due Date
  241. Early Departure
  242. Tuberculosis!
  243. Intro and JET questions
  244. UK app is out boys and girls!
  245. Anyone go to S Korea before applying for JET?
  246. US Application is out~!
  247. A few questions about a lack of experience...
  248. Letter of Recommendation Question
  249. Question regarding application [online/written]
  250. Re-applying for 2012