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  1. A few JET and non-JET related questions
  2. American application is up!
  3. Departure/Flexibility
  4. Applicant roll call [+ let's share some thoughts +]
  5. Question about driving
  6. Letter of Recommendation
  7. How strict are they about the SoP format?
  8. Quick few questions from a potential JET
  9. Vacation time?
  10. Pre-departure Orientation
  11. Chinese american applicants?
  12. Racism in Japan
  13. CIR position -
  14. listing education on application
  15. First Time Applicant
  16. UK JET application??
  17. Application question
  18. So How Bad Were Your Grades?
  19. Who got in without any teaching experience?
  20. Hello fellow first-timers
  21. UK Medical Notes
  22. Application clarification
  23. Explaining reasons for placement request
  24. Hidden Costs
  25. So about the SASE and confirmation card...
  26. Chicago Information meeting
  27. How does your preferences affect your placement type?
  28. Another application question
  29. SoP Essay - Any good examples?
  30. Have you submitted your application yet?
  31. Kanto placement info?
  32. Placement w/ friend
  33. Facebook-JET 2007 group created
  34. Since BD is dead, an application Q for you all...
  35. Status: You are currently number 3 of 6 person[s] waiting
  36. Deciphering application ID
  37. Sealing the letter of reccomendation envelope
  38. Electronic Copy of App
  39. www.jetapplication.us login/signup error
  40. Teaching Experience
  41. intercultural experience/employment history
  42. Senior, junior, or elementary students?
  43. Teaching Experince/Work/Travel
  44. Didn't follow directions on my application....
  45. I usssssed to be a man [Wait, I mean substitute teacher]
  46. too many rec. letters???
  47. Current Japan Related Studies
  48. More application worries
  49. International and Culture Experience
  50. This application is not going my way.
  51. teaching experience
  52. Application all done?
  53. Medical question for application form
  54. Didn't request placement
  55. Doing JET twice
  56. Plan B
  57. Japanese News Sites
  58. doctor's letter?
  59. help!
  60. Transcripts and envelopes
  61. The Scholarship Question! [A bit asinine but...]
  62. How will I know?
  63. SoP orgy?
  64. Planning a holiday
  65. Japanese Embassy security interfering with App Delivery???
  66. 3 more days
  67. US Holidays
  68. Shortlisted
  69. Idea of how many people have applied
  70. Is this a problem?
  71. Winter
  72. so who missed the deadline?
  73. Where do you want to be placed?
  74. Any oldies with a post-grad degree?
  75. Biking vs driving to school
  76. JET salary
  77. Nightmares... stress from waiting already?
  78. Where will you be interviewing?
  79. Interview dates?
  80. How much do your grades matter in the Jet App??
  81. Australian applicants
  82. if you're really stressed already, maybe this will help!
  83. We Need a Spy
  84. How did you find out about JET?
  85. You tube JET video
  86. Applied to the JET Programme,what to expect in interview?
  87. 2 questions
  88. 600th Post is mine!
  89. Are there any Canadian JET Applicants?
  90. Business major JETS
  91. Current JET Journals
  92. What do you like to see in a JET's Journal/Site
  93. Placements you don't want
  94. What makes the ideal candidate?
  95. Giving JET my Diploma.
  96. O come all ye Faithful
  97. UK reference number
  98. what are you doing with your life RIGHT NOW?
  99. Self-Introduction
  100. greatest strength and greatest weakness in teaching
  101. For Those still worrying about the app...
  102. Interview advice for newbies
  103. Has anyone else had this happen?
  104. A question for those in the know...
  105. what would it take to be overqualified?
  106. UK Applicants - so, who's got an interview?
  107. Recontracting form/s
  108. Did you get an interview?
  109. Graduation Issues.
  110. another newb question...
  111. There is no more Japan
  112. Attention Kiwis
  113. Australian interview letters!
  114. Early February?!
  115. anyone tryin CIR
  116. what are you running away from?
  117. how many people apply to JET just for the hell of it?
  119. Chicago interview times
  120. What is going on????????????
  121. if you are unable to come for your interview...
  122. Chicago interview website fixed?!
  123. Let's take some chill pills.
  124. Example self introductions?
  125. All things Chicago!
  126. How Old are you??
  127. Uk Apps; Self introductions in the interview?!
  128. List of people selected for US interviews OUT
  129. A good email host
  130. US RESULTS ARE IN! Now, Where are you interviewing?
  131. Statistics!
  132. If you dont get an interview......
  133. So how did your interview go?
  134. most difficult to adjust to in Japan
  135. Long trip to interview, anyone?
  136. 2007 Interviewees, placement preferences + placement gossip
  137. Japanese Intro
  138. Interview clothes?
  139. More or less ALT openings this year?
  140. Anyone in the UK still yet to hear anything from JET??
  141. aryan JET nation?!
  142. Los Angeles Interviews anyone?
  143. Another fun game to play while you wait.....
  144. US grammar test
  145. who's been watching Karate Kid II to prepare themselves?
  146. Passports
  147. Los Angeles interview question...
  148. What do you think?
  149. CIR Interviews
  150. If YoU gEt AcCePtEd...
  151. Australian Interviews.
  152. China? [any help would be nice]
  153. 666th new topic! Am I the anti-christ?
  154. What's wrong with Big Daikon?
  155. LA Interview schedule
  156. Miami interview...
  157. Volunteer of the month
  158. between february and april what will you do?
  159. FBI Criminal History Record
  160. Dress code
  161. When is/was your interview?
  162. New Topic for a Poll: Attention Chef!
  163. My new way to procrastinate..
  164. If at first you don't succeed...
  165. Interview question: A Graceful I Don't Know
  166. Hardest interview question you got asked
  167. Would anyone like to share answers for interview questions?
  168. Whmt do yoq ›ß‹ßevent -nterview nervousness?
  169. What are you giving up?
  170. British Airlines to charge extra for two pieces of luggage
  171. interview Questions i have trouble with [and an Exp poll]:
  172. Interview from Hell?
  173. London Interviews
  174. sajfoiwapeirfjabvisapru SNOW!!!!!
  175. The panel of interviewers...
  176. Nothing but spectacular interviews, right Seattle?
  177. The difference between a short-lister and an alternate?
  178. Interviewing
  179. Interviewing Advice
  180. ATTN Atlanta: We Are Coming
  181. photo for voucher
  182. Chicago Placement Stats
  183. Notification and placement request dates
  184. A question about the UK interviews...
  185. Denver Interviews
  186. What kind of English do JETs teach?
  187. How's it going eh?!? What's the word Canada!
  188. Did you do well in the REAL interview?
  189. Made the Alternate last year ... now no interview?
  190. Boston interview?
  191. ...just a question...
  192. My interview [kinda long]
  193. unprepared, disorganized interviewers?
  194. many lurkers here have turned into posters
  195. have you been to japan before?
  196. So what's your Plan B?
  197. Am I Screwed???????
  198. its a moot point now but...
  199. now that all the interviews are over I feel...
  200. Interac?
  201. Notification Date
  202. Thank you cards?
  203. Predictions
  204. What's your level of Japanese?
  205. How much teaching experience do you have?
  206. Short Interviews vs. Long Interviews
  207. The Toughest Interview Question
  208. interview rejection stats
  209. The Hell Of Anticipation
  210. Should I notify them of application update?
  211. Books
  212. Allowed to leave?
  213. Complete lack of motivation?
  214. JET Slideshow
  215. "ALT." Say it with me now!
  216. Attention Chicago Applicants...
  217. I Got in!
  218. Top placement stats
  219. SEA Applicants 1 pos open!!!
  220. Police Clearance Certificate
  221. 30 days
  222. ATTN: NYC Interviewees
  223. How will we be notified?
  224. UK Countdown?
  225. US and Japan taxes
  226. Student Loans [UK]
  227. Kansas City interview people?
  228. Kiwis
  229. If you get in, will you accept?
  230. Interac Or China?
  231. Questions from a potential 2008 applicant
  232. Allergies in Japan
  233. Is it April yet?
  234. a week to go....
  235. Australian applicants.
  236. Making friends/finding other gaijin
  237. JETs with kids
  238. Will I have trouble getting an interview next year?
  239. Putting your career on hold
  240. Sister City Placement
  241. Interac interview?
  242. Reading into things
  243. No April fool jokes or you get smacked!
  244. ITS APRIL!! :^_^:
  245. How will you react if you get accepted?
  246. What are the odds of a short list alternate succeeding?
  247. Am i the only one?
  248. American applicants: expect your results on TUESDAY!
  249. Notifications via email - a suggestion.
  250. Hello in there, lurkers.