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  1. 2009 applicants or former JETs in NYC...
  2. Applicants: The World Economy and You
  3. Education level [question 13a]
  4. Business or Coach?
  5. How many Jets will be coming on this year?
  6. Medical report in the Application
  7. Job Description
  8. Official transcript question
  9. Putting back the transcipts, verifications back into the envelope?
  10. Good Books for [Prospective] JETs
  11. Food for thought : My theorys on selection
  12. I don't like to fly so....
  13. Print out of the online app
  14. Question 29: Long-Term Plans
  15. JET ad
  16. Arrested, but nothing happened...
  17. Mail or Hand Deliver
  18. Can I use ALT, JTE acronyms in my SoP?
  19. documents needed when accepted
  20. Couple Questions: Help!
  21. Question 11a
  22. Oh crap, forgot about JET
  23. Advice needed, mixed feelings about applying?
  24. Proof That I Will Graduate On Time
  25. Your stupid mistakes.
  26. Itsy bitsy app question
  27. Reapplying after turning down a position?
  28. Hokkaido placement choice under Hokkaido prefecture
  29. Sapporo City placement location
  30. sister cities
  31. Tips for applicants mixed with Japanese and other Asian ethnicities?
  32. attachments and the online application
  33. Confirmation after submitting application?
  34. the apps we mail in say 'applicant copy' across the back, right?
  35. Placement suggestions? [Thinking Shikoku, Kyushu places..]
  36. References
  37. Questionable reference letters...
  38. Getting the app in... DC Consulate
  39. Lurkers and SoP checks
  40. TEFL / TOEFL Certification Question
  41. Criminal Convictions [UK]
  42. When did you send in your application? [US]
  43. girls vs. boys
  44. Where did everyone request?
  45. No sealed envelope for my reference letter: how bad is it?
  46. How much does interview location matter?
  47. Awkward results of being accepted to JET?
  48. late upgrade
  49. Deadline panic [UK]
  50. How much should I be saving?
  51. Gaijin Smash / Outpost Nine
  52. Proof of graduation
  53. Confirmation letters?
  54. Am I last?!
  55. I have a small question
  56. Any CIR Applicants?
  57. Self-Addressed and Stamped Envelope
  58. New Facebook group
  59. "I read somewhere that JET prefers [does not prefer]...."
  60. Will the economy effect how JETs get hired?
  61. Interview letter!
  62. Is this the average JET applicant?
  63. UK applicants grammar test
  64. Applying while overseas... help!
  65. Non-Christian holidays
  66. Should I be panicking? [U.S.]
  67. So how do US applicants get informed they got an interview
  68. Getting a head start on 2010: Just how important is "international experience"?
  69. Any Rugby Players?
  70. Trip to the interview
  71. Grades
  72. NY interview date last year
  73. The Interview
  74. Interac?
  75. Reread your SOP!
  76. Best/worst interview questions
  77. JET Results - Ireland? Mid Jan?
  78. piercings
  79. How much is too much?
  80. "So how'd your interview go?" 2009
  81. I have 5 potential offers - help!
  82. Ways to fail your interview [the musical]
  83. So, When Do You Think Interviews will be Announced?
  84. Very Much Lost: Certification/Qualifications
  85. Good luck, all you applicants!
  86. Interviews in New Zealand
  87. New York Consulate - Interviews?
  88. How sad/mad will you be when the US results aren't posted today? [1/23]
  89. What Questions to Ask the Interviewers?
  90. Getting a recommendation
  91. i started a JET blog.
  92. U.S. Interview Candidate List is UP
  93. Interviews in the US!
  94. The US results are in...are you?
  95. Just for research purposes, who here applied from California?
  96. How many applicants from the US applied this year?
  97. Didn't get a JET interview? ITIL is here to help!
  98. My interview--they even taped it and gave me a copy!
  99. Japan Current Events Information
  100. Interview Dates [for LA]
  101. WTF
  102. Those of you who make it into JET
  103. Wow, Late App = Drastically reduced chance at interview?
  104. So, any weeaboos get an interview?
  105. When is your interview?
  106. I think I lost
  107. How do I represent "my country" when I'm a cross-cultural kid?
  108. GPA Poll
  109. JET Wife/ Husband Threads?
  110. Interview notification
  111. "So, why Japan?"
  112. DC Aspiring JETs - Check your email
  113. Atlanta Applicants:
  114. Places to leave things in consulate...?
  115. American Accent
  116. Curiosity
  117. Mini-Lesson Question
  118. When do you get your interview?
  119. More conspiracy theories! Marital status
  120. polls and interviews
  121. Are there any JET's like this?
  122. Why all the freaking out about interviews?
  123. Sit down or stand up?
  124. LA interview confirmations
  125. Will this ruin my chance?
  126. Help! Interview Voucher?
  127. We Need Your Help!
  128. How many JET hopefuls have been to Japan before?
  129. Location, schmocation . . .
  130. Entertain me with your answers!
  131. Switching Departure City in Canada
  132. Breakdown of Interview Scores [importing diversity]
  133. Studying for Interviews
  134. Reviewing my SoP and Application
  135. Who speaks Japanese?
  136. Had an interview previous to JET?
  137. grammar test?
  138. UK Subject Access
  139. The sign of true paranoia about the interview
  141. Noobs: What do you think J schoolkids are like?
  142. Conspiracy Theorists!
  143. gay Gay GAY
  144. Irish interviews...
  145. Where will you go if you don't get in?
  146. Groping question?
  147. Lunatic Ex-Employer
  148. Interview: Who wants to 練習 some 日本語を話すこと?
  149. Question about prefecture
  150. Tokyo Orientation
  151. ask the dude who just finished his SF interview anything
  152. Interview room setup, formalities
  153. UPDATE: Site restored, please read!
  154. DENIED!
  155. Current JETs that had less-than-great interviews
  156. Post-interview thank you letter?
  157. 2009 Post-interview Poll
  158. danielplainview's crystal ball of win
  159. Applicants in Asia?
  160. Information Chicago hopefuls might find interesting
  161. GPS Devices / Maps in English that work in Japan
  162. You've just had your interview. What are you going to do now?
  163. Chicago interviewers!
  164. How does the selection in Tokyo work exactly?
  165. Site's gonna be screwy tonight
  166. Detroit Interviews?!
  167. Hark! Park Avenue Interviewees
  168. Waiting for interview results
  169. Updating application?
  170. After the interview: initial reaction or...?
  171. If you're an alternate, can you ask for your place on the list?
  172. Los Angeles interviews. Sample Lesson?
  173. The Other Plans Thread
  174. Health Status Question...
  175. Interview Success Rate
  176. So, do you really think you are going?
  177. How qualified are you?
  178. ITIL Polls
  179. 2010... when to start?
  180. The CLAIR Rep on my interview panel is in this Japanese news report!
  181. Server Reboot
  182. Dreams
  183. Pre-JET Japan visit question
  184. Doctor's Letter
  185. According to the numbers...
  186. Who else should be avoiding this forum?
  187. anyone else not applying fresh-faced from college?
  188. Do you think I have a chance?
  189. ATTN: NYC Applicants [and others will probably be interested]
  190. Worn out on Japan
  191. Leaving someone special behind
  192. Requested location
  193. If accepted, are you going?
  194. Results Coming
  195. Just for fun - When do you think US results will be e-mailed?
  196. Current Jets / hopeful Jets.. [Teaching High School]
  197. CNN article mentions JET
  198. Any thoughts on when the Ireland results are being mailed/emailed?
  199. When applying, how specific were you regarding placement?
  200. Participating in clubs [not just English Club] Question..
  201. Promote / Debate Kentucky [or your own State] HERE
  202. 2009 Handbook out...next step, notification! [hopefully]
  203. Time's running out. What are your last thoughts?
  204. Denver crew?
  205. Weightlifting nihon style
  206. DC Shortlisters
  207. To all Applicants -- Good Luck!
  208. What have you been doing while waiting to hear if you got in?
  210. jumping the gun
  211. JetProgramme.org forum results
  212. Welcome back ITILers!
  213. US Results need to come sooner!
  214. Dear: you poor cunts
  215. Can you feel it?
  216. Trinidad and Tobago results in
  217. Shortlist, Alternate, or Rejected?
  218. Kiwi results are out!!!
  219. US RESULTS UP!!!
  220. This is BS.
  221. Feel the love
  222. Just wanted to let you guys know [mostly the rejected ones]
  224. Acceptance Season 2009 - Play Nice
  225. Worst situation?
  226. If we do n00b JET karaoke together in Tokyo, what songs will you sing?
  227. Irish results!!!
  228. Australian results?!?
  229. Worried, guessing this doesn't normally happen
  230. Inaka?
  231. For us Alternates - a Quick Question or Two!
  232. Changing Your Forum Handle
  233. 66 people here...nobody posting!
  234. New YooOooork NEEWWWWW YoooOooork!
  235. Congratulations!
  238. Chicago People
  239. Los Angeles Results
  240. Atlanta JETs
  241. Alternates
  242. Detroit results...
  243. Alternate List Position?
  244. Nashville!
  245. Washington DC results
  246. Any shortlisters who are going to turn it down?
  247. Question about JET housing w/ a non-JET ALT spouse
  248. Hoonta - we all just wanted to say ...
  249. Anyone else feel they had an unfair interview?
  250. Boston