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  1. Life After JET
  2. After JET?
  3. Ex-JETs, recommended shipping companies?!
  4. POP
  5. Career Fairs
  6. Visa Extension
  7. JR Pass after JET
  8. Pension booklet - erg.
  9. Leaving...
  10. Customs didn't take my gaijin card
  11. Entering your last year then?
  12. Jobs with CLAIR/MEXT?
  13. AJET survey for JET Programme Alumni
  14. studying in japan
  15. Pension refund info;
  16. Anyone got their refund yet?
  17. Kyoto
  18. Job Experience after Jet
  19. International MBA programs
  20. Any advice on Peace Corps?
  21. Grad School Advice
  22. The axe coming down?
  23. JJ's road to Grad School
  24. Daijob Go Global Career Fair 2009
  25. Wakatta Asks the Peanut Gallery
  26. Financial Aid Loans for Studying
  27. Using Japanese Cell phone in the US
  28. Back to Uni What to Study?
  29. Yokohama Conference
  30. Shipping an iMac to Canada
  31. Want $50,000? Apply for a Fellowship in Social Science Research on Japan!
  32. JETAA Tokyo Job Fair 2009
  33. Alum Help, Please - Questions for Paper
  34. Leavers - think about keeping your bank account
  35. Canadian Embassy Internship
  36. International Cell Phone
  37. Going back to uni
  38. The Best Job in the World
  39. Australian? Going back to uni?
  40. Sponsor sumo melty!
  41. Leaving? Stress here!
  42. Consulate Jobs/ jetwit.com
  43. finding a place to live... in another country?
  44. Posting stuff home: Post office convenience
  45. Group C Contract
  46. International High Schools
  47. Bloody swine flu!
  48. China experts - talk to me
  49. Post-JET Opportunities
  50. Cost of quiting AU?
  51. Using your ketai as your mobile phone...
  52. Has your CO made you leave Japan?
  53. Last Paycheck
  54. Teaching Fellows
  55. A few tips from VISA
  56. Packing
  57. JETAA?
  58. VISA after leaving JET
  59. How much was your pension refund?
  60. Question about paying taxes after leaving after 1 year
  61. Pension Refund Form
  62. Post-JET Travel Opportunities
  63. Japan related job fairs superthread
  64. Help my wife with Gradschool
  65. Medical School
  66. Taxes on the JET Programme after leaving
  67. FSOT anyone?
  68. NGO/Non-profit Organizations
  69. Pension refund 2010
  70. Studying in Japan [Computer Science]
  71. San Francisco TESOL Certificate--Affordable
  72. Job in Nagoya, Japan - Relocation Consultant
  73. Getting tourist visa after JET
  74. Mailing a snowboard
  75. Sending luggage to the airport.
  76. post-JET visa
  77. GMAT
  78. UK Pension: Qualifying years
  79. grad school apps
  80. Pension Payment to Japanese bank account?
  81. A Request for JET Alums and Current JETs
  82. Damaged parcel: Can I do anything?
  83. Letters of recommendation from your BOE or schools?
  84. BOE claims I owe last Pension payment still
  85. What do most JETs do after the program?
  86. Left Japan with gaijin card?
  87. grad school applications: a year gap?
  88. Filing for US tax on the Pension Tax Refund?
  89. Random Q&A for returning jets
  90. Lost My Pension Book
  91. Help with Pension Refund Please!
  92. Pension Refund Jerk-baggery
  93. After JET...JET?
  94. Pension tax refund: changing tax agents?
  95. Thank-you letters?
  96. What now?
  97. JET making it harder to find a job later on
  98. JETAA Chicago: Job & Networking Fair
  99. London Careers Fair - September 30th
  100. MIT Japan Program Manager
  101. Pension Question
  102. Media relations specialist CHICAGO
  103. Pension Concerns
  104. Post-JET Taxes [USA]
  105. Making a Resume
  106. Having second thoughts?
  107. International Studies = Job?
  108. General Questions about ESL
  109. US Job Market
  110. Tokyo Job Fair for Bilingual Professionals
  111. Work for Google in Tokyo [or singapore or sydney]
  112. Hotel/Resort Work
  113. Does getting pension refund neg. affect permanent residency chances later?
  114. need help with pension refund problems
  115. Taxes after JET
  116. International Affairs Fellowship in Japan
  117. SKYPE Tutoring
  118. Reporting Pension Withdrawal on US Taxes--With A Twist [?]
  119. Returning to Japan affect Nenkin Refund?
  120. Is it easy to find another job IN Japan post-JET?
  121. University of Wisconsin-Madison Study Abroad Advisor
  122. Pension Refund [2012 Returners]
  123. Leaving JET, but staying in Japan - Visa issues
  124. Pension Refund issues
  125. Education Discounts for JET Alumni
  126. Peace Boat (Volunteer English/Spanish teaching, interpreting)
  127. (Another) Pension Issue
  128. The Canadian job market: post-jet employment
  129. Japanese-English Recruiters
  130. American Teaching Fellows that are not TFA
  131. Changing work type after JET in Japan
  132. Pension Refund: To keep or not to keep...
  133. Moving back home
  134. Job in Tokyo after JET - HTM is hiring!!
  135. NHS
  136. Grad School After JET/Non-resident Tuition Back Home
  137. Changing return ticket?
  138. Pension Refund And Returning To Japan
  139. Leaving Japan Residential Taxes
  140. Teaching in your home country after JET
  141. pension refund- where is my tax office?
  142. Missing Japan
  143. Excellent job vs Japan
  144. Pension refund tax guide?
  145. Quitting JET (the horror)
  146. Where s my post?
  147. Recruitment agencies?
  148. No Give Alien Registration = I Can't Haz Pension?
  149. ESL in other countries?
  150. Can I keep my visa if I fly back home?
  151. Post JET US Taxes
  152. Advice about work after JET
  153. Canceling Phone Contract
  154. Teaching ESL in China vs. Japan?
  155. Pension lump-sum withdrawal application (UK former ALTs)
  156. Last 6 Months
  157. Bankruptcy of NOVA Interview
  158. Grad School Post-JET
  159. Staying in Japan Post-JET - Specifically as 3rd Year ALT on Final Year
  160. Big Daikon?
  161. Pension Refund VS. Transferring Benefits to U.S.