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  1. Basic application info and common JET myths
  2. Attention: Lurkers!
  3. Word's Formerly Secret Interview Advice
  4. Newbies, I want your input on ithinkimlost.com.
  5. Alternates Hangout
  6. Arriving in Japan
  7. Worth it?
  8. Trying again for 2015?
  9. Clothing advice for new JETs
  10. TEFL?
  11. Japanese before applying
  12. 2015 Reference Letter Question
  13. Language study program - how difficult is it?
  14. Japanese driving test
  15. Not so obvious advice for new ALTs
  16. Shipping
  17. Using my native English-speaking skills in a more career-specific manner
  18. Using JET to eventually get a job in a private high school
  19. Applying for 2015 - reference letter question.
  20. Advice for an Experienced Teacher to Prepare for the 2015 Application
  21. Is there anything I can do now to boost my chances?
  22. Hair Dyes
  23. Statement of Purpose thread: advice and people who are willing to proofread
  24. Aspiring Canadian JETs 2015
  25. Aspiring Australian 2015 JETS
  26. Certificate of Health
  27. Getting an Official Transcript
  28. New JET Program website for USA
  29. A request for all new applicants for the 2015 cycle
  30. Aspiring US JETs 2015
  31. Early Placement?
  32. TweedPawn's Hangout for Second Chances
  33. CIR
  34. Shipping application via Fedex??
  35. JETs Driving In Japan Questions
  36. JET and Student Loan Debt
  37. Same-Sex Marriage and Common Law Marriage in regards to JET Applicants
  38. Proof of Study Abroad
  39. JET application follow up?
  40. What does "designated city" mean on this JET statistics pdf?
  41. Interview Locations for Those Living Abroad
  42. 2015 US Application Question
  43. Error reported in the JET Application
  44. Statement of Physician and medication
  45. Is Interac worth going for?
  46. Aspiring UK 2015 JETs
  47. Ex-JETs applying to return to the programme
  48. Question regarding "Teaching Background" Section.
  49. Descriptions and Content
  50. Placement requests!
  51. Question about Gap in education at same institute
  52. Some simple advice for you while applying/interviewing
  53. Advice for current dispatch ALT in Japan who is applying to JET?
  54. Printing submitted application - Am I missing something?
  55. Proper procedure when sending additional paperwork after application deadline
  56. Which of these letters to include?
  57. Weird issue with physician's form
  58. Aspiring Irish 2015 JETS
  59. Quick Question-Application Error
  60. Preview the Application?
  61. I thought I'd introduce myself
  62. CIR Applicants 2014
  63. Oddity in the medical self assessment form
  64. 2015 CIR Placement requests
  65. Question regards the self declared medical form.
  66. A couple of quick questions regarding the application process
  67. Piercings on the Self-Assessment Medical Form?
  68. Anyone having trouble printing the forms?
  69. Receiving your self addressed stamped envelope?
  70. Does it matter if I have two references from the same company?
  71. Proof of Graduation question
  72. Happy to go in April - but no Certificate of Health ready
  73. Discrepancy between Medical Certificate and Statement of Health - how big a deal?
  74. 2015 Canadian Hopefuls :)
  75. JET Desk and Deducting Points
  76. Reason to panic...
  77. After application process?
  78. Statement of Purpose Length
  79. JET Programme & Graduation
  80. Application question - do you think I will be automatically disqualified?
  81. Passport Question
  82. Dropping my minor?
  83. Advice on declaring previous anxiety.
  84. Is it too late to say I'd be happy to go before July?
  85. Forgot the word "and" in my SOP, just now realizing it. ..
  86. 2015 Interview - Accepted and on thread.
  87. INTERVIEW LIST IS UP---Oh wait
  88. Early Placement- Criminal History Background Check
  89. Interview Advice/Prep?
  90. No families?
  91. SF Coordinator comments about driving...
  92. Fiancé joining me in Japan in the future?
  93. Advice for women buying suits?
  94. placement preference question
  95. Changing university modules..
  96. UK Jet late confirmation of interview
  97. Spousal Visa Requirements
  98. Wanting Advice: Considering Cancelling Interview
  99. Certificate of Eligibility Concerns
  100. Cats in JET
  101. Pros and Cons of teaching different school levels
  102. Expungement?
  103. How bad is the flight, and cost for tickets for accompanying family?
  104. MONSTER POST: JET Interview Guide, From 5th Year JET
  105. Canadian Interviews - Any JETs know the time slots?
  106. Early Entry
  107. Traffic Violations and FBI Background Check Before Interview Panic
  108. Lesson Plan
  109. What do you guys think they want from me?
  110. Advice needed on Borderlink and JET
  111. Alternate vs Shortlist Candidates Help Please
  112. odd circumstances should I schedule doctor appointment now?
  113. CIR Interview 2015
  114. The obligatory I did x on the interview am I screwed thread
  115. Change in medical history after interview
  116. People with offspring
  117. Terrible interview, still got into JET?
  118. Japanese language requirements for elementary school?
  119. Chances of being accepted?
  120. Aspiring Singaporean JETs 2015
  121. Kiwi 2015 applicants?
  122. Any early departure applicants out there?
  123. Driving in Japan and Colour Blindness
  124. Depature Date questions
  125. Aspiring Applicant - Transcript Questions
  126. Coming to Saitama
  127. FBI Background Check delayed?
  128. Coming to Kochi!
  129. 2016 JET Program Application
  130. 2015 Interview Results
  131. 2015 JET Alternates Thread
  132. Passport Help
  133. Background Check shiz
  134. Driving...
  135. Placement Question
  136. Terrified 2016 applicant
  137. Critical Language Scholarship recipients who were also short listed for JET?
  138. Interview results in Scotland
  139. For the rejected.
  140. Did any JETs get their degree JUST before their departure?
  141. After the Excitement
  142. Japan and Phones
  143. Drugs!
  144. Married before JET Program?
  145. Doing JET with no teaching experience
  146. Ini has left the building. Permanently.
  147. JET: 2018
  148. International Banking/Bringing $
  149. Ladies clothing
  150. Current/former JETs: How many schools do/did you teach in?
  151. Placement Map??
  152. Stuff to bring
  153. PLACEMENTS!!! 2015 General Placements Thread
  154. "The Last Supper" Thread for 2015 JETs
  155. State Background Check
  156. Discrepancy between Self-Assessment Medical Form and CoH
  157. Do you use your iPad in Japan?
  158. Tokyo JETs
  159. JET or Interac
  160. Age of JETS
  161. "Upgrades" to CIR?
  162. Connections to Establish Prior to and After the Application Deadline
  163. Somewhat Complicated Reference/Recommendation Letter Question
  164. Seeking Advice: Trying to figure out who would make the best references
  165. JET application, Job references and other bits!
  166. Disclosing tattoos on application
  167. Choosing 2nd reference
  168. Minor concerns over the physical application form
  169. Aspiring Canadian JETs 2016
  170. Question for JET Coordinator
  171. Statement of Purpose Reviews
  172. Aspiring Australian JETs 2016
  173. Questions Regarding School Placements
  174. Proof of Study Abroad
  175. Letter of Recommendation Question
  176. To whom are letters of reference addressed?
  177. Aspiring UK JETs 2016
  178. Question on Abroad Experience
  179. "Work Experience", the form asks for: Supervisor Contact Information
  180. Proof of Graduation Question
  181. Online form
  182. Did I blow my chances?
  183. FBI Background Check = Livescan?
  184. Studying Abroad while Applying for JET - transcript?
  185. How many transcripts are needed?
  186. Aspiring US JETs 2016
  187. Move along, nothing to see here
  188. Is JET something we should apply for?
  189. Question about Work Experience
  190. What are my chances?
  191. Online Application Problem
  192. May have made a minor error on my application -- Thoughts?
  193. Did I blow it?!
  194. Application mess up
  195. Application Mistake
  196. Deadline Extension
  197. Getting application reopened? (UK Applicant)
  198. Do corrected errors ruin chances?
  199. So who here's going for the second (or more) attempt this year?
  200. Facebook worry
  201. Any former Peace Corps Volunteers on here?
  202. Strange Job Offer After Application
  203. 2016 JET US INTERVIEW LIST IS UP!!!!!
  204. Applying with a history of depression?
  205. Current JETs, mind Skype interviewing me?
  206. Aspiring Irish JETs 2016: Interview format, etc.
  207. Indicate change of location preference at interview?
  208. Preparing for the Mock Teaching Element of the Interview
  209. Finally (!) looking to apply this coming October
  210. Looking to take the plunge (at last!)
  211. Relaxed Interviewers: Ominous or Inconsequential?
  212. Is it possible to survive a not-so-great/bad interview?
  213. I'll possibly be 36 when I start JET - would that be too old?
  214. Lack of Japanese Knowledge
  215. How are you notified of your JET status in April? Email, mail, or both? JET 2016
  216. How important is teaching knowledge? (i.e. TEFL courses, etc.)
  217. Applying for JET Program and Depression
  218. FBI Background Check
  219. Those who have or plan to travel with a partner, but not a spouse...thoughts?
  220. 2016 Alternates Thread
  221. How much luggage to take with you when moving to Japan?
  222. Thank you!
  223. Stay at home mom/dad
  224. Academic Reference
  225. 2016 Applications: Placements Megathread
  226. Are You My Pred?
  227. Why were you accepted by the JET Programme for a second time?
  228. Insufficient Income and Form 8802 Application for US Residency Certification
  229. Female ALTs wearing pants?
  230. Economics
  231. Application Process Order
  232. CIR Requirements and How Many are Sent Each Year
  233. Any '17/18 aspirers out there?
  234. Anyone have experience with being on the hiring/interviewing side of JET?
  235. IELTS level needed for non-native English speakers to teach English in Japan
  236. Quite a few worries - Grammar skills - dyslexic - teaching skills - knowledge
  237. Inneed advice regarding disabilities and medical history
  238. Teaching languages apart from English on JET
  239. Seeking feedback on personal statement draft
  240. Best cities to list as preference?
  241. [US] Personal Statement feed back!
  242. Which program/route to go down?
  243. JET USA - Updated?
  244. US Applications - Megathread
  245. 2017 Hopefuls/applicants self-intro thread
  246. Reference Letter Advice
  247. That "Proposed Direction of Career" Question on Application
  248. Question - Previous Acceptance
  249. Aspiring UK JETs 2017 - Megathread
  250. What are my chances of being accepted?