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I Am Quailman
March 18th, 2009, 13:23
This can be used for Elementary, Junior High, or Senior High... just might need to be adapted. I'm posting the format I used for my 6th years at one of my elementary schools. Only thing you need is for a dice cube (big preferably... can easily be made out of a cardboard box and paper) and some magnets to use as game pieces. This is an A4 size file... but most schools how those ginormous printers that can blow up small paper into like 5ft x 6ft. Just tape this onto the chalkboard and you are good to go.

on the page you'll see a bunch of little clip art of various things... these are vocabulary words that they have covered throughout the year. say they land on SPAGHETTI... The student has to use that vocabulary word in a sentence structure that we studied this semester/year... like "I like spaghetti" or "I want to eat spaghetti"... this works really good because it allows the students that aren't as confident to use an easier phrase ("I like") and allows the students who want to challenge themselves to do so.

It's a really fun game... my students loved it. Actually the teacher wanted to keep both the dice and the blown-up paper so the kids could play later on.

Lemme know how this goes!