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April 9th, 2009, 12:04
The KEY part my paper is about the benefits (and disadvantages) for the host country and the employee concerning importing internationals to work for them. Benefits/disadvantages of working abroad, keep that in mind when answering the questions. If you have the time, please answer each part of the question, it's important. Thank you for your time. :)

Tell me a little about your experience, please. Where were you placed? What were some setbacks? What did you do on the job?

What did you major in? Do you think that helped you on the job?

How much experience did you have prior to being accepted?

What did you do to prepare yourself for the trip? What did you do to help yourself acclimate to Japan and the culture?

1. How do you think working abroad has been beneficial. - For yourself, for your family, for your job. - What did you enjoy the most? Emotionally & Intellectually, what have you gained,learned, experienced? - Was it beneficial to learn the language and was it beneficial after your term ended?

2. How do you think working abroad has been beneficial financially? As in by having an international job what have you been able to do? - For example, you have been able to travel to countries unrelated to your job. - What are the financial benefits? Tax deductions? Health benefits?

3. How do you think working abroad has NOT been beneficial. - For yourself, for your family, friends, and for your job. Including financially, emotionally, disadvantages, sickness, family strains, etc. - What have you lost? What did you like the least? Did you ever feel that you were let down during the experience?

4. Talk about how working abroad has helped your job credentials, say for example you were to go back to working in the US. What do people get out of working abroad instead of in their home country? Resume-wise. How does working abroad give you a leg up in the world/make you a better employee? Ex. Valuable experience, quick decision making, etc. How did you do shifting from JET into another setting in Japan; after JET?

5. How do you think working abroad has been beneficial for your employer [In Country Boss]. How does your host country benefit? Do you feel you made a difference? How?

6. How effective are you as an employee due to you being a foreigner? How did you being a foreigner help your employer?

If anyone would be willing to answer these questions for my paper it would be GREATLY appreciated. I know these things are annoying but I really want to get some first hand accounts for my paper which is mostly dry research articles.