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Mr. Plainview
August 4th, 2009, 22:43
The site rules are given here (http://www.ithinkimlost.com/applying-jet/announcement-updated-forum-rules-3-3-2009-read-before-posting.html), but many of you may still have questions about what's allowed where, and what happens when the rules are broken. I therefore give you this guide, in hopes it will keep you out of trouble. I'm not a forum nazi, and plan to be as lenient as possible. Don't take advantage of my kindness though, or i'll pop you one (figuratively speaking)

Things you can't do anywhere:

1. Spread, talk about, or allude to certain rumors involving our Server Administrator, Paul. If you don't know what rumors I'm talking about, congratulations, you are in no danger.

2. Reveal real life information about other members without their consent.

3. Post graphic images or videos without labeling them NSFW.

4. Spam.

5. Discuss ways of breaking the law, including piracy, illegally modifying phones / electronics., etc.


1. You will recieve a permanent infraction. Collect three of these babies and you'll be banned forever, so please don't even test the boundaries on this one.

2. One week ban.

3. Regular infraction. These last for one month and if you get three, you receive a one week ban.

4. Regular infraction. Obviously spam bots and people who only register with the sole purpose of spamming will be banned forever.

5.Regular infraction.

Things you can't do outside of "Anything Goes" / "VIP":

1. Post graphic images or videos, even if they're labeled NSFW.

2. Troll.

3. Make racist or abusive comments.

4. Derail threads. (an off-topic post here or there does not constitute derailing)

5. Advertise / Promote


1. Regular infraction. Two if it's in the "Applying" forum.

2. Regular infraction. Two if it's in the "Applying" forum.

3. Regular infraction. Two if it's in the "Applying" forum.

4. Regular infraction. Two if it's in the "Applying" forum.

5. Regular infraction. Two if it's in the "Applying" forum.

Two final notes:

1. If you regularly receive enough infractions to be given a one week ban, and multiple one week bans do not result in you following the rules better, it is at the moderator's discretion to start handing out permanent infractions for offenses you clearly commit frequently.

2. Genuine newbies will be given ample slack with regards to derailing threads within the "Applying" forum. This is because they are commiserating and sharing in the experiences of applying and should be able to go off-topic a bit without being exposed to the full horrors of "Anything Goes."

So that's it. Have fun, and play nice. All the moderators have a lot of freedom in how they will moderate their respective forums. I plan to use a soft touch, and will probably let you get away with more than I should, but I don't speak for them. I hear one or two are total hard-asses. ;)

August 4th, 2009, 23:52
DPV likes to touch himself.

Oops. I just revealed real life information.

Mr. Plainview
August 5th, 2009, 00:18

August 5th, 2009, 01:31
Your name is going on the list


August 5th, 2009, 17:50
All this because of one drama queen.

August 5th, 2009, 18:47
Yessah Massah Plainview. Ah'll be a good boy ah will.

September 16th, 2009, 11:07
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