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August 26th, 2009, 06:45
I neglected to mention in the manga help request thread posted previously that the senior is attending school in the U.S. and is Hispanic.

I apologize for the oversight.

Anyone with contacts is invited to reply. Those versed in manga are rather scarce here in Kansas.

Thank you.

August 26th, 2009, 09:05
You can get your fill of manga freak in Lawrence. Check out any of the Japanese classes at KU. also there are 1000s of books at Watson in the stacks between floors in the back.

August 26th, 2009, 15:47
I'm pretty sure anyone who's trying to find professional manga artists or what not in the USA is going to have a hard time. Online with skype or something is probably the best way ^^.

Manga is pretty much a comic book. You'll find similarities between manga and comic books in the USA like x-men or what not. The layout, portrayal, and technique is pretty much the same. They just draw things in different styles and stuff. So if you have a local comic store, you can probably ask them too (comic stores are pretty rare now a days though... the nearest one to me is almost in another town haha).

Check out YouTube - markcrilley's Channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/markcrilley?blend=1&ob=4). I came across his youtube channel when I was looking at some how to draw tutorials and he actually produced a manga called Miki Falls which is sold on amazon. So see if you can contact him.

Otherwise, I think you should post this in a more appropriate place. Maybe some sites dedicated to anime, manga, or drawing sites. Deviantart.com should have a lot of artists that draw manga.
deviantART: where ART meets application! (http://www.deviantart.com/#catpath=manga&order=24)
Tell her to browse around for some manga artwork that she likes, then browse around the artists works. They may not all be professionals, but some of them may as well be with the art that they're able to make. Once she finds a couple that she likes, just message them. Shoot, once she starts making her manga, she can probably post up samples there for people to critique.

I remember my senior project, it wasn't that long ago.

Anyway, Good luck