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October 24th, 2009, 17:09
Hi, my experience of teaching in the past has been to 2-12 year olds in classes of 10 children (academy), but now I have to do a lesson plan for elementary high students in a class of over 35 (public school).

I would like some tips from people who have taught large public school classes at that age group. Maybe some dos and don'ts from anybody out there?

At the moment I have to do a lesson plan for an interview early next week. I have to talk through the plan but not perform it. I'm not looking for someone to write a plan for me - just prod me in the right direction with advice. Any related help will be hugely appreciated :^_^:.

P.S. The lesson will be for English grammar - past continuous.

October 24th, 2009, 21:07
Not sure what you mean by "elementary high" - what age group is this?

In any case, do you know the song "Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?"
It's more of a chant.
You could teach that to the class, along with a number of past continuous activities. Then you ask who stole the cookie and blame a student "Sato stole the cookie". The pupil behind Sato needs to defend him by saying "Oh no! It couldn't have been! I saw Sato and he was ..... ing" [e.g. "he was practising keno", "he was playing baseball", "he was studying English"] - anything to provide him with an alibi. You then accuse that student - "If it wasn't Sato, it must have been YOU!" And the student behind does the defence.
When I did this, I had the JTE come in with a packet of cookies, then leave briefly on an imagined errand. While she was gone I stuffed down the cookies and swore the students to silence. At the end of the lesson, I confessed to the JTE that I had stolen the cookies. It was fantastic to see all the kids go along with my lies and accusations and not one ever dobbed me in!

October 24th, 2009, 22:17
I mean Junior High (also called elementary high) age 13-15. Thanks for the idea. What do you think about some group work (what size groups?) and maybe making them write something at the end of class to show they understood?

With this age group do you often get them moving around the classroom or just sat down the whole lesson? It seems awkward to think of so many children getting up in one classroom. Anyway I like your idea - it's definitely genius. Did you think of it? I wouldn't like to steal it really, but it certainly helps me think along the right lines.

October 25th, 2009, 05:28
i always get kids moving around - at least a third of them are probably kinesthetic learners, so they need it! if it's a controlled activity, it's fine. and they don't all have to be moving at the same time.
Give each one a slip of paper with one thing on it - e.g. "was drinking juice on Friday", "was playing tennis on Saturday", "was getting shitfaced drunk with maaku-sensei on Monday" [you get the idea]
They then walk around the classroom asking each other "What were you doing on [day of the week]?" questions. They can answer "I was ...ing on [(that) day of the week". The aim is to fill in 7 lines on a worksheet with what someone was doing on each day of the week. Make it a timed activity if you like.
Or base it on "yesterday"; have about 6 activities and have them walk around asking "Were you ...ing yesterday?" until they find all the people who were doing the same thing as they were yesterday.
I usually take the slips of paper from them so they can't just show them to each other.

Oh, and yeah, I did come up with the cookie idea myself. Years of practice! Give yourself a couple more months - you'll be amazed at the ideas you come up with when necessity strikes.