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January 2nd, 2010, 15:36
Hello everyone,

currently I am working for JALSS Hakken company in the Tokyo area, as an ALT at elementary schools and Jr. high schools.

As I am quitting to work for them in March :D, i also want to move away from Tokyo.

I would love to move to Osaka, and to work as an ALT there.

Which companies are recruiting ALTs for Osaka?

Is a driving license a necessity for a job there, or is it easy t get a job in the center ?

Lots of thanks and a happy new year!


January 2nd, 2010, 23:30
No clue on hiring, but there's absolutely no area in Osaka that requires a drivers license. Some places, it would be nice, but Osaka is the second smallest prefecture around.

The actual city doesn't use dispatch ALTs as far as I know... I could be wrong about that though. Some of the suburban cities use their sister city affiliations to hire ALTs directly. (Such as all the cities near me, including my own.) Schools that have ALTs are either JETs or NETs hired directly, or through some dispatch company.

A lot of schools are removing ALTs, however, so good luck.

March 8th, 2010, 15:36

There are several out sourcing companies in Kansai. They will offer temp dispatch, sub contract, or both styles of contracts.

Interac - always on Gaijin Pot
Minerva ( formerly Zenken ) - also on Gaijin Pot
W5SS- Jobs in Japan
Altia - Gaijin Pot
IES - Jobs in Japan
AIM - jobs in japan
Global Partners ( not much in Kansai ) - Gaijin Pot
ECC Best Career - Gaijin Pot
Ivy Ryugakku - Jobs in Japan sometimes

Hiring will be throughout the next couple of months (Mar - June) as contracts will have various start dates. Then September ( late August ) will be their next big recruiting drives.

If you are available and capable most direct hiring positions will be decided on now if they haven't already filled up.

Jobs in Japan is best for them because the rates on Gaijin Pot are too high, but they limit the number of words you can use, so try to research as much as you can.

And put together a top notch resume. Not many positions start in April and every ALT is looking to get hooked up.

You might want to also check Osaka :: StartingIsEasy.com (http://osaka.startingiseasy.com)
It has some decent links for jobs in Kansai