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January 11th, 2010, 13:02
Does anyone know of any reputable NGO/NPOs either in Japan or elsewhere in Asia that someone could get a foot in the door with after JET? Something where you could do some type of aid work, or like with my engineering background, some type of aid work where you could help design/construct stuff like aqueducts to get running water to poor villages etc...stuff like that.

It just has to pay something livable and not teaching English in any capacity is STRONGLY preferred.

Any ideas?

January 17th, 2010, 10:29
Don't know if this was what you were looking for, but devnetjobs (http://devnetjobs.org/) has a lot of international job postings for work in developing areas. A friend of my brother-in-law is really into international NPO work and she gets all her jobs from there. She does mostly business-development/micro-loan type work, but there's probably something there for engineers too. You can subscribe to their service or just opt for the free newsletter. I know the website looks sketchy, but she's never had a problem with it and she's been using it for 20-plus (?) years.

If you don't need the job right away and don't mind going through another JET-style application process, there's the Asian Development Bank (http://www.adb.org/Employment/young-professionals.asp). It's only a 2 year contract, and they aren't accepting any more applications this year, but the benefits are similar to what you have on JET.

If that doesn't work out for you, Engineers Without Borders' (http://www.ewb-international.org/opportunities.htm#WORK_OPPORTUNITIES) International website has links to some job listings.

Hope that helps.