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February 24th, 2010, 09:33
I played a really good game with my JHS 2nenseis yesterday, so thought I'd share.

We were practicing the superlative ( ____ is ____er than ______).

Step 1. The kids are in teams. I ask a question (will list my questions in a sec), for example "which is bigger, a mouse or an elephant". They write down the answer in a full sentence (an elephant is bigger than a mouse) on a piece of paper that they share in their group. You might want to set the order of who writes so all members are included.

Step 2. They also have play money. They place a bet accoring to how sure they are that their answer is correct. One student comes to the teacher's table. I check their grammar, if it's correct, I give them 100yen (toy money, of course). The JTE asks them how much they want to bet and makes a note of it on the board.

Step 3. I reveal the answer. If they are correct, I pay them what the bet. If it's incorrect, I take their money.

Step 4. As I am correcting their grammar, if it's incorrect, I just put an X on it. I make a note of the incorrect sentence. End the game 10 mins early and while you are getting the kids to count how much money they have at the end and giving stickers and returning desks to how they were, the JTE writes the incorrect sentences on the board. Ask students to correct them.

Time: 10 mins explaining (it's quite hard. I explained in English, got kids who understood to explain in Japanese. If no one udnerstood, the JTE explained in Japanese).
30/40 mins game. Depending on if the JTE had to check homework or do a vocab test, I cut or added questions. Usually 40 mins is 6 questions.
10 mins correcting grammar.

My questions (correct answer in caps);

Which is bigger, TOKYO or Washington?
Which is older (by debut), Mr Children or SMAP?
Which is smaller, Shokoku or HAWAII?
Which is faster, a HUMAN or an elephant?
Which has more vitamin C, lemons or STRAWBERRIES?
Who is younger, MATSU JUN or Oguri SHun?
Which is cheaper, MOSS TERIYAKI BURGER or Moss cheese burger?
Which has more calories, PEPSI or coca cola?

February 24th, 2010, 19:13
Seconding this idea. I found and used basically the same lesson idea for comparatives. I made a powerpoint thing with all of the questions, and we included pictures and info about a lot of the teachers, like who is older (same year, not given, just months), taller (for two who are within a couple centimeters), heavier (the male teachers didn't care), etc. It was a success! I've since started using a version where we don't have to hassle with the actual money but where the students can keep track on their own, and it seems to work pretty well, too. Good stuff!

Edited to add: same rules for correct/incorrect, but when a sentence is really close but missing punctuation/capitalization, then they get back their bet with no win/no loss. Also, they start with $200 but max bet of $50, which slowly increases as we continue so that they don't bet it all at once and to kind of keep up the momentum.

Lilac and Lilies
February 27th, 2010, 08:31
My 2nd year teacher loves this game. We have played it with the following topics:

Which does Miss Lilac and Lilies love more?
What is American JHS like? (using have to)
What is something you ~ (using infinitives and gerunds)
And my favorite- group SHS level listening tests.

It's hysterical and my kids totally love the idea that they are gambling.

March 1st, 2010, 14:55
Agree wholeheartedly. This game went down really well - as a warmup we did a 'write all the adjectives you can think of on the blackboard' game in teams so that we didn't have to stop each time to explain the adjectives. Students thought betting money was great. Also a good opportunity to blow their minds when they find out that the UK is smaller than Japan. Eeeeeeeee?!

March 1st, 2010, 16:05
Ooh nice warm up! I like it!

June 3rd, 2010, 21:52
This sounds fun! My ninensei won't get to the comparisons until the end of the year, but I'm sure I can adapt it to their level and it can definitely be used for the sannensei :)

Thanks for the idea!

June 4th, 2010, 05:04
Did you make the fake money yourself, or buy it at a store?

June 4th, 2010, 14:30
You know, this was such a long time ago that I was like "ooh, I wrote something.. wait, what was this game again?"
I know I didn't make anything (I hate making stuff that isn't really crappy pictures) so I think I used some printed doller bills that my pred had left me.

June 4th, 2010, 15:18
The first time I copied and cut out fake money, but it was kind of a pain and slowed things down. The other times, I made basically a balance sheet where the students started with a certain amount at the top, then next to the sentence they would write, there were two columns, one for the bet and one for the new total (which would either be plus the amount bet if right, minus that amount if wrong or no change if they missed punctuation or something). It worked well and with less hassle. :)

June 4th, 2010, 17:13
Did you make the fake money yourself, or buy it at a store?

There's a pretty good selection of fake money at my Daiso. It's all yen, but they have both bills (in a couple different sizes) and coins. I got a pack of ichimans and another of mixed denominations and it only set me back 200 (real) yen.

It'd be nice if they had fake dollars or Euros, too, but I think the kids wouldn't get as excited as they do with yen.