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May 19th, 2010, 22:39
Late 1st grade or early 2nd grade point; was/were and question formation
prior knowledge: time and place words.

This activity requires cooperation with your JTE. Before the class, hide something in the classroom. You can pose as a police officer or an authority figure in the school (make a nametag that says "POLICE" or have some sort of marker). Before this, try to slip out of the classroom without being seen, while your JTE distracts the students. A few minutes later storm in and say "Excuse me!" ____ was stolen from the classroom. I have some questions!" (or something like that)
Then, ask questions in the form of "Where were you at __:00AM/PM?
First, ask your JTE 2-3 questions like this, and he/she answers using "I was...." to model. Then, choose 3-4 higher level students in the classroom (who are more outgoing) and ask them "Where were you at ___?" Help guide them to answer, "I was ______". After this, you can
ask other students, etc.
Finally, students can use this as a model and create their own 'crime scene' skits and alibis. If time, they can present them to the class.

Caution: worked well with my fairly genki 2nd grade class, but if your class is too cool for school you might want to modify the intro a bit.

May 20th, 2010, 08:27
Cool idea. You must have really good kids though.....

May 20th, 2010, 15:32
This class is pretty good, yeah. But they still mess around plenty. Somehow the personalities of this class just seem to be more easy for me. The police thing worked out great because today in class some kid was aiming to fire a rubber band at another student - when I intercepted it he was like, ehhhhhh? 3ngrish Police! and laughed.