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May 28th, 2010, 09:30

Can anyone tell me how readily available a three month tourist visa is upon finishing JET? I am a third year British JET leaving in August and have been offered a six month internship in Tokyo. Unfortunately the internship doesn't offer visa sponsorship, and I am trying to get a part time teaching job, but it this fails then I may have to stay (initally) on a tourist visa. Upon completion we're automatically entitled to 15 days right? Is getting a three month one trickier? If anyone has any suggestions about how to get a visa then I would be very grateful to hear them!

Thanks so much.

May 28th, 2010, 17:23
I came across this on the HyogoAJET site a few days ago whilst browsing:

Post-JET Visa Advice - HyogoAJET (http://www.hyogoajet.net/wiki/Post-JET_Visa_Advice)

Attention Third Years
As most of you have visas that will expire on the same day that your contracts come to an end, you must be careful, as you are required to either leave Japan before your current visa expires OR you must apply for a temporary visitor visa before your current visa expires. Leaving before your contract ends (or even the day your contract ends) will be tricky, and you will need to use nenkyu. If you want to apply for the temporary visitor visa, see Temporary Visitor Visa (http://www.hyogoajet.net/wiki/Temporary_Visitor_Visa).
If your visa is still valid, you can leave and re-enter Japan as long as you have the appropriate re-entry permits. However, in order to become a non-resident and collect your pension refund you have to cancel that visa when leaving Japan (i.e. leave without a re-entry permit). Don't forget to hand in your alien registration card at immigration when you do so.
If you want to stay in Japan and renew your visa with a new employer, make sure you hold on to your Letter of Appointment (http://www.hyogoajet.net/wiki/Letter_of_Appointment) (人事通知書). If your new employer asks you for a Taishoku Shomeisho (退職証明書), your Letter of Appointment should do.