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October 14th, 2010, 13:34
I need to come up with two lessons, quickly!

The first is for 3rd year JHS. We need an activity, about 20 minutes, that dealls with the 'Do you mean the boy running with the dog?' So I guess it should be descriptive verbs...

The 2nd lesson is for 2nd year JHS. The target is 'I'll give him a birthday card.' Is that...present perfect? I don't even know!! You can also you 'I'll show him a picture....I'll ask her a question.' I have no idea of an activity!

For both activities they should be super super easy. PLEASE HELP!

October 14th, 2010, 22:20
I'm assuming in the first one you don't need to teach "do you mean" but rather the focus is on present continuous tense [or present progressive, depending on which school you went to].

I had success teaching it by playing "Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?" - the old chant game which I hope you've played on school camp or something. Attached are the lesson plan and student handout. The teacher dialogue and the pics needed for it will be in the subsequent post.

The only difference from the lesson plan was that we had a real [very tasty] cookie in a clear glass jar. At the beginning of the lesson the JTE walked in with it and placed it carefully on the teacher desk. She answered questions about it if the kids asked in English - they were low-level 1st year SHS so the questions were "Do you like cookie?" and the like. After we did the first activities but before the song, she made an excuse to leave the room for a couple of minutes, during which I took the cookie out of the jar and made a big show of eating it, before saying, "Secret, okay? Don't tell sensei" etc.
At the end of the lesson, after every kid had been accused and been given an alibi, the JTE made a big thing of "Well then, who stole my cookie?!" Sometimes I had to fess up but most times the kids dobbed [I had to do this 8 times, why do you think I'm fat?]
Mind you, there were only 20 kids in each class. Not sure how it would go with 40 - unless you could accuse them in pairs or something...
If they're really low-level then have them come up with some present continuous sentences beforehand. They can also use the ones on the sheet provided - but they get extra points [and/or a Kalliea cookie] for a totally original alibi.

October 14th, 2010, 22:30
Here you go - I hope this idea's of some help.
*I like peanut butter cookies*

NB Just remembered, the pics are for the intro task, designed to get the kids interested, not for the match-up task, which I just made up each lesson and drew the lines on my own copy so we could write the correct answers on the board for them all to copy.