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February 24th, 2011, 09:49
I'm having my last ES 6th grade lessons tomorrow. Starting from April the whole lot of them will move to my middle school as ichinensei, and I will have the dubious pleasure of going from teaching them a decent amount of English words and basic grammar points, to going back to basics like phonics and the alphabet, because that is how our city rolls.

Since this is not a "goodbye" kind of lesson, and I've already done a "review" type lesson recently, I'm at a loss. I'd like to do something to introduce them to the ichinensei textbook/what to expect in JHS English classes without boring the hell out of them, but technically they haven't learned to read or write yet, so it has to be speaking and listening activities only.

The only thing I'm thinking so far is to introduce them to crisscross using basic questions they will relearn in JHS even though they already know them, but at least it will be something familiar to them when they get here.

Any other ideas? Interesting games they might like that wont take too much prep? Any help is appreciated!

February 28th, 2011, 08:10
Give them some simple phonics they can use as they will be introduced to reading for the first time. Just teach them the basic sound for each letter. a as in apple, b as in butterfly, etc. Careful with o - use o as in octopus, not orange (the first one is a more common pronunciation for the first words they will encounter).

I give my kids each a set of alphabet cards. They come with Eigo noto, or you can make your own. First, they have to put them in order from A-Z (I time them each time, and they try to beat it the next time). Then, I hold up picture cards of simple words (cat, pen, mop...etc.) and they try to spell them using their alphabet cards. My JTE and I have found that just this little bit of phonics helps their confidence a LOT when trying to read words. Even if they will do this in ichinensei, it is helpful to give them a head start. With enough practice, they'll be able to try sounding out the first new words in their ichinensei book.

Edit: Of course it depends on the situation / level, and this might feel really basic compared to what you have already taught them. But if you're visits are less frequent than every week, they usually forget everything anyhow. :-P Either way, I hope it can be useful. Good luck with the planning.