View Full Version : Infinitive: "I have a lot of work TO DO"

February 28th, 2011, 09:35
I've been asked by my teachers to make a full (50-min) lesson plan for the New Horizon grammar point, "I have a lot of work TO DO"/"I have something TO DRINK" etc. When I teach with these teachers I must plan the lesson alone and teach most of the class alone (while they hang around). I'm not allowed to use the textbook when I teach with them. So!

1) What is the best way to explain this infinitive form? My Japanese is not good enough to explain it to them and I really don't want to speak Japanese or the kids will get lazy
2) What's a good activity I can do to go along with it? I've checked JHSEnglipedia but the lessons don't really fit. Also I'm not supposed to use worksheets.
Any advice would be majorly appreciated! I'd really like to avoid the passive-aggressive wrath of my teachers. :)

February 28th, 2011, 09:47
With our class we started with "something to ...." like something to drink. I didn't have to explain it but maybe you can use a few something to .... Examples until they get the idea.

For the activity, I had to make a quiz. For example "it's something to write with. It's long. You can erase it. What is it?" the students wrote down their answers. I made the mistake of making my questions too hard so keep to objects and vocab from the textbook if you can.

Good luck, explaining grammar is hard...