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May 21st, 2004, 01:09
In the spirit of the famed expression: ESID (Every Situation is Different) and my burning curiosity, are there any JET's out there who can share some insight about their experiences and adventures on the JET program?

Share with us what your typical day is like. What do you do? What is your day like in the classroom? What hobbies or activities outside of work have you discovered? I suppose I could scan the various JET blogs that have spawned over the years, but I'm interested in something a little more condensed...

May 21st, 2004, 11:18
Ok I'll have a bash at this :?

My typical day:

Wake up around 7:30 and get into school around 8AM. Attend the teacher's meeting (don't know why I do it, it's all in Japanese :wink: ) and then surf the internet checking emails. On average I'd say I teach 2-3 classes a day. When I'm not teaching I either: prepare for classes (esp. Elementary and my private classes), surf the internet, or study Japanese (haven't been doing so lately :oops: ). I finish school around 4PM and either go to club or go home.

I joined the Kendo club in April and it's been fun. But I'm probably not going to keep going because I don't fancy paying 500 quid for the gear that you need to wear. So I might join another club instead. I still have the Kendo sword though.

In the evenings I usually go shopping for dinner, and just stay in, watching TV or some random movie or playing games. My town only has 10,000 people so there's nothing to do here. But I go to Taiko on Tuesday evneings which I love. It's a lot of fun and here I finally met people about my age! Taiko is Japanese drums, here's a pic.


May 21st, 2004, 15:35
hi zkac054,

Is your day a fairly typical experience? Do you know if getting onto the internet is difficult at most schools? Would I be able to get into my hotmail account every day I was there? Did you get a computer at home, and if so, did you get internet connected? What's the postal system like over there? If I were to send myself a 20kg box on economy air (Apparently Australia doesn't do seamail to Japan), would I send it to the post office? My place? My school? Somewhere else entirely? Please help, these are the things that are preying on my mind at the moment. Well, that and the giant bug waving at me out the window...

May 21st, 2004, 16:16
Hey Beq,

Yeah that's pretty much my typical day :D . About internet at school, that's definitely an ESID. Some schools have firewalls installed onto their networks so you can't log in to hotmail (or yahoo). But others, such as my school's one, pretty much allows you to do anything.

The BOE was really nice and they let me borrow a laptop to use for as long as I want. It's old :evil: but it works and I can take the laptop to and from school. I did get the internet set up at home as well, only costing 4000 yen a month which is bargin for the speeds I'm getting (ADSL 25M).

For the postal system, I sent all of my things to the BOE. Mainly because I knew I wasn't going to be there when the things arrived and secondly the BOE know who you are. I really recommend to send it the BOE if you are unsure.

If you have anymore questions PM me or post on the board again :D

May 31st, 2004, 15:08
I'll supply my day-in-the-life...

I'm a prefectural JET (Kanagawa) and I visit 3 high schools each week (one is my base school, 3x/week and the others are "one-shots").

I don't have to attend the morning meeting, so I arrive at 9:00 (unless I have 1st period, then I arrive at 8:30 and can leave 30 min early). Usually I have 4 lessons each day. The morning routine is coffee, paperwork (I have to fill out travel reports whenever I go to my one-shots or to a conference), checking that my lessons are prepared, check e-mail.

I have my lessons and during my free periods, I can prepare for the following day or having planning time with the JTEs. Usually "planning" consists of them saying "do you have any ideas?" and me coming up with the plan by myself. Lunch time is usually pretty rushed, except on Mondays and some Wednesdays when I eat with English Club (so much fun!) Every month I also make an English newsletter for all the teachers who want to learn English (JTEs have no choice - they get a copy! hehe) and I try to spend time making it really nice, so that takes a lot of my prep time.

After school on Mondays I have English Club and Wednesdays is a Volunteer Class for 3rd graders (seniors). I leave at 4:30 or 5, except in April when it's so busy I don't leave until it's dark.

Monday nights I have an Adult Class, and Tuesday nights I have my Japanese lesson. (I also have an Adult Class on Saturday afternoons and another Japanese lesson on Sunday mornings). The other evenings are spent e-mailing, watching videos, cleaning, shopping, and other domestic things. It's rare for me to get together with friends (JETs or Japanese friends) on weekdays. I'm involved with AJET, so from time to time I do AJET-related things after work (though usually I find time during work). After this summer, I'll be PA so I'll be doing that stuff in the rest of my free time!