View Full Version : Pension tax refund: changing tax agents?

June 8th, 2011, 11:15
Hey all, wondering if anyone can give me any feedback on my situation:

Before I left Japan, I had my supervisor file the form to be my "tax representative". I got my pension lump-sum payment with no problem, but now it's time to get the tax refund. My supervisor is actually taking leave from work because of an injury so I feel bad making him do this right now, and really he wasn't the best choice for a tax representative because he never did anything without me asking him to do it about 7 times. I thought you *had* to assign a representative before you left, but I just read in the handbook that you can assign someone after leaving Japan.

So my question is can I change my tax representative? If I can, how complicated is it? Is there some kind of "changing tax agent" form, or can I just have someone file the "Notification of Tax Agent" form and boom, they're my new tax agent?