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July 14th, 2011, 17:48
I was offered a job with RCS as an HR Manager for ALTs. The job description is really exciting and the people I spoke with at both interviews were great. It seems like a good working environment for office staff...

...but I kind of got the feeling that some ALTs are disgruntled. I've found some complaints about them on these forums, gaijinpot, and elsewhere, but I can't tell if it's legitimate criticism or whiny immature people. I don't want to be a middleman in something that's unfair or not entirely above board.

Does RCS really treat its ALTs poorly? Or are these posters just whiners who wish they got JET benefits?

Personal experiences preferred but I'll also take stories about your boyfriend's sister's cousin's former roommate.

July 14th, 2011, 18:39
dont know about rcs but i assume they do the trick of offering the cheapest service to grab boe contracts like heart and borderlink do.

be advised, these companys pay as little as 180000yen a month and the poverty line in japan is currently defined at 120000yen a month.

have fun trying to buy anime dvds and cosplay costumes with that.....

July 14th, 2011, 19:59
They pay their ALTs about half what the board of education pays them. Also, they don't pay their ALTs in august, or for part of march / april, despite getting the same money from the BoE for those months.

Personally, I'd give up a month's JET salary to not have to work in august, but then JET salary is about 100,000 more than RCS / borderlink, etc.

September 13th, 2012, 09:44
Reviving a super old thread (and my own at that) but people have asked me whether I found anything about RCS, so here's what I found.

The second interview was at a juku in a little inaka town outside Tokyo. I found it a little weird (and the juku’s name was different than RCS), but I guess that’s where they originated. Both interviewers gave me the strong impression that you will always be the bad guy in dealing with ALTs. And while I do know how many unreasonable whiners there are, I didn’t want the stress of dealing with them all the time. Also, if are so many people are so unhappy, you have to wonder about the company’s policies.

There were some internet complaints too. I have no idea how reliable any of this is, but people said that their founder/CEO was impossible to get ahold of, always traveling in Asia, and didn’t seem accountable for the company, which made them suspicious. Another complaint was that their hiring procedures are not transparent; apparently they’ll tell you to book a flight to Japan because a job is waiting, when in reality, all they mean is that you’ve passed their screening and they’ll begin trying to place you once you arrive. Again, no idea on reliability (or whether other companies do this).

But the biggest thing was something they said in the interview; recruitment problems. Because the BOEs/schools are their direct clients, they have final say over hirees, and they tend to have a certain “type” of ALT in mind (young, genki Caucasian, from a first world country, new to Japan with no Japanese) and reject all others. They said that a lot of their applicants are long-time residents from SE Asian countries who are married/have families here, and that it can be really upsetting to deal with this, not to mention explaining to people that no, this school doesn’t want a Malaysian/40 year-old/Japanese speaker either.

It’s not RCS's fault that that’s what the BOEs want, but that was a big factor in me not taking the job. But I think that if I had, I’d be working fewer hours than I am now with more opportunities to talk to people and go places for work. Not so many opportunities to teach, though; they told me that having managers teach was pretty much a last resort. I’d also be making a bit more money. The salary they offered (management position, not ALT) was actually pretty good for a starting position in Tokyo.

So that’s what I’d consider if I were applying again. It’s not necessarily a bad position; it just depends on whether you personally are able to handle the emotional stress. Sorry for the long post; just thought I’d get it out there so that people don’t have to go digging through the back pages of Google like me.

September 19th, 2012, 13:52
No Japanese?
Young genki caucasian is to be expected really but wanting someone who doesn't speak Japanese? Thats seems really weird. They know they can screw over and control such a person better or something?

September 19th, 2012, 14:22
No Japanese?
Young genki caucasian is to be expected really but wanting someone who doesn't speak Japanese? Thats seems really weird. They know they can screw over and control such a person better or something?

I don't think it's anything so evil. A lot of organizations prefer to hire ALTs who can't resort to the students' native language when things get tough. That way, you're a lot more likely to get all-English-all-the-time than if you just had a Japanese speaker promise not to use it.

I've actually heard a lot of people say that JET is less likely to hire Japanese-speaking ALTs (though I don't really believe it, especially since my former BOE would request that the city get a certain number of ALTs with more than basic Japanese).