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September 7th, 2011, 21:57

First of all, I want to say how invaluable some of the material on this particular forum is. All the links to sites, lesson plans that have been posted, classroom management advice....all very useful for a new JET like myself. Although I've taught before, it was in a context entirely different to a classroom of 40 SHS students...!

My question is perhaps particular to my placement, but I was wondering if anyone has ever been in this situation. Basically, for reasons I won't go into here, I have one class at my base school where the level of English is a lot lower than the other classes (my base school is a high-ranking academic school). As I am one of those JETs with what seems to me like a very busy placement (although this is obviously only a preliminary impression), I am wondering what the best techniques are to simplify certain games. Because of constraints on my time and the amount of planning I have to do (I have responsibility for 100% of all lesson content at both of my schools), I am really trying to avoid being in a situation where I am having to plan two substandard lessons rather than one good one that can be modified accordingly.

To give an example, my introduction lessons have thus far been a True/False game about my home country (UK) and a kaitenzushi-style interview game. Is the best approach to cut one of these activities out all together, or merely to reduce the content of one of the games and still keep both games? Naturally with a class of a lower level, the speed at which I am able to go through the games is greatly reduced.

I know it's hard to really provide detailed answers as ESID, but I'd love to know if people have been in a similar situation to this, and what solutions they came up with.

Many thanks in advance for any insights or tips you can provide.

September 7th, 2011, 22:47
The easiest way to simplify a game is to make it a team game (if it's not already). This allows the kids to pool their talents, and if you do it right, a few of 'em might actually learn something. Get your JTE to help you divvy up the teams at first; he/she should know how to do so effectively.

September 8th, 2011, 10:06
The T/F game is already teams, so that might mitigate the situation a bit. The scoring system changes seem like a very good plan. I think I can ask fewer questions and add bonus points for certain questions so the point totals aren't too low. Maybe repeat certain questions and board certain key words and ideas as well.

Thanks for all the suggestions, really appreciated.