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September 19th, 2011, 10:17
Hello everyone. I live in the USA and I graduated from my university 2 years ago and have since been working as a professional Software Engineer until I got laid off recently in a company wide layoff. I've been interviewing for a new tech job recently here in California, but the other day I remembered the Jet program which is something I had heard about back in college and it sounded really interesting, and then from that I also found out about the non-jet organizations.

These programs sound like a great opportunity, if I don't manage to get any offers from the current tech companies im interviewing with. I've always wanted to live/work in Japan and originally I was hoping that I would be able to one day work in a tech company in Japan. However, obviously these programs are for teaching English, which is something that I feel I can definitely learn to do, although I don't have any prior teaching experience. I suppose after the contract ends for any of these teaching programs, I may be able to even apply for a tech job there like I have always wanted to do.

Is there any of you that have done anything similar, or do most of you come straight out of college? Do you all plan to just be professional English teachers as your main career? Although this idea sounds interesting to me, it also seems a bit strange for me since I have already started my career path as a Software Engineer and I would be taking a job outside of my profession that also pays significantly less in salary.

I have been thinking about applying to Jet and also to many of these other organizations since the Jet process takes 6+ months in which I would just be sitting around unemployed for a potential spot in the program which isn't even guaranteed. Obviously, I am a fan of Japan, their language, and their culture or I would not be thinking about these programs.

I'm sure these questions have been asked many times before, but what are the best non-jet organizations? I have seen random posts for just about every organization with people totally trashing them and others where people say positive things about them. Also, I noticed some of them ask for essays or resumes. Should I bother putting my software engineering knowledge on the resume? I've noticed some others don't seem to ask for any type of writing such as Interac. Their online application doesn't seem to ask for a resume, essay, or even college information other than the fact that you have a degree.

If I decide to become an English Teacher, either temporarily or permanently, what are some good things I should know, or resources I should look at? I've only experienced tech related interviews so I can imagine that an English Teacher interview would be completely different. What would I expect from such an interview or phone screen? Any tips? How often do people with no experience get accepted to these organizations? Also how long does it take usually from the time of applying to knowing if you have been accepted?

I hope my post was not too lengthy.

September 20th, 2011, 21:05

I was in a similar situation. I worked for four years post-graduation at a major automotive company doing supply chain management. My job was great, but I'm not the type who has enjoyed sitting in a cubicle and all that jazz very much. It's definitely a great opportunity, and though the pay isn't what you'll probably garner at a software dev, it's a very generous salary for the work you do and the place you'll be living.


Check out this site, especially this forum and the Japan/JET/School Related forum. If you find this place a little overly realistic/pessimistic, check out the official forums for a slightly different viewpoint (put on your rose-tinted glasses). If you're feeling really really good about JET, check out Bigdaikon for the opposite adjustment.