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December 21st, 2011, 10:37
I live out in kyushu with no real japanese classes I can attend nearby so once a week I meet with a japanese friend and ask them questions I've accumilated throughout the week. Sometimes I feel it would help to have a real curriculum though. I've devoured the beginners minna no nihongo 2 which took us through keigo. I know all different kinds of grammar but I'm just looking for something to follow since it is more or less self study.

December 21st, 2011, 11:10
the nihongosomatome jlpt n2 books are good for self study, plus the pictures and scenarios are pretty funny AND they have cute cartoon animals on the front covers so you know which is which. Feel like some kanji? go for the owl. Need some grammar? then pull out the hilariously racist gorilla who seems to have a bone through his nose.

December 21st, 2011, 14:12
I've used both soumatome (N1) and kanzen master grammar book(old 2kyuu and 3kyuu). I don't remember there being any English in the 2kyuu book,unless it was in the back, but the 3kyuu was excellent. I really liked this book (http://www.renshuu.org/index.php?page=community/eresources_single&id=43) for the old 2kyuu. There's a textbook with explanations and a drill book (sold separately). I also recommend donna toki dou tsukau; it's a grammar dictionary with pretty good explanations and examples and comments about usage. There's also renshuu.org for vocab and kanji, but I haven't found it as useful for grammar practice. I think you have to pay money if you want to do listening practice on there, but I'm not sure.