View Full Version : Toronto/Canada letters yet?

April 5th, 2005, 05:17
Hey all, just joined.
Was wondering if anyone in Canada or specifically who interviewed in Toronto has heard back yet?
I hate all this uncertainty!

April 5th, 2005, 09:38
No answer here yet in the prairies (Alberta, Sask, Man). We are supposed to hear on April 12th. I'm so so so tired of waiting! :?

April 6th, 2005, 09:28
Hey Swimmergirl,

Well, at least they told you when you are likely to hear!

The TO consulate is as vague as mid-April. But at my interview I was told to expect to hear early-April. So I was hoping that this was considered early-April. But somewhere I read that last year someone's TO acceptance was postmarked April 16th. Eeeek.

Ah, well, I sooooo need to find something to distract me for another week or two.

Well anyway, Good luck to you! Gambatte, ne!

April 7th, 2005, 08:54
Don't know if you guys read bigdaikon.com, but just read on their website the following post:

"I recieved word from the Consulate in
Toronto, and it seems that the shortlist
results from Tokyo have arrived at the
Consulate for the Toronto interviews.
After double checking results, and preparing the
mailings, they should be in the post by the
end of the week. Which means....

We`ll find out by early next week~~ "

April 8th, 2005, 09:38
So much for that theory!!
I got my acceptance today!!!
Wooo hooo!
So good luck to everyone waiting out there!
BTW, big white envelope

April 9th, 2005, 02:34
Yessiree - Toronto acceptances are coming in!
My husband just got his acceptance last night; now, I'm waiting for mine (or my rejection!).

April 10th, 2005, 10:06
Hey Eveyone! I am from Vancouver and I just heard Friday morning that I'm on the Short List! I had heard Thursday that Toronto was getting notice so I was really nervous and then got the letter in the mail Friday morning. I thought it was bad news because it wasn't a large package! Instead it was a bunch of papers crammed into a regular white envelope! Basically I think you're either getting a thick or thin white envelope from the Vancouver consulate! Oh well for now I'm in and off to celebrate tonight! Any other BC applicants out there? Good luck to everyone and see you in Tokyo!

April 12th, 2005, 01:09
Hey guys! I interviewed in Ottawa and I just got the word today that I was accepted! Good luck to everyone still waiting, and those of you who already got accepted I can't wait to meet all of you in Tokyo!

April 12th, 2005, 08:42
Yes! I interviewed in Winnipeg and received the package today. I'm in! Yaaay! I am so excited! The 2 month wait was worth it afterall. :)

April 12th, 2005, 08:53
Congrats Swimmergirl!! Im with ya...it is all worth it once its said and done...