View Full Version : Issue/Advice With Passport Photo

November 26th, 2012, 04:21
Hey everyone,

I received an e-mail four days ago from Interac requesting that I resubmit new photos to the Tokyo office because the one's I submitted were "too big". Now, I understand that in North America the standard is 2x2 which will then be cropped by Interac to 3x4cm. I have two extra copies of the photos I submitted and they measured correctly as per Interac's standards. So I am wondering why would they ask me to do this? My guess is because I do have a smile in the photos and I've heard (after I took the photos) that smiling is generally frowned upon for passport/visa documents. Has anyone else faced the same issue before? I did send them a response e-mail to see what exactly went wrong with the photo but any additional advice would be appreciated, thanks!

November 26th, 2012, 06:14
Are your teeth showing? When I got my last passport at the US post office (2005), I was told that smiling with an open mouth was prohibited for passport photos because it "distorts your face".

November 26th, 2012, 07:58
They are showing but its very subtle, its more like a grin with a small opening the shows some white, kinda hard to explain without showing the real thing lol. I figure if I don't hear back from them early this week I'll just get a new set with the "serious" face on.

December 3rd, 2012, 11:13
I've got a policy of just not showing any facial expression in ID photos; seriously. Don't smile, don't anything. I got my first passport photo returned to me once because my 'head was at too much of an angle'

My J-drivers licence has a photo of my on a bad day - I thought the photo I was taking was going to be on the card, but no, they took one there as well. SO, my photo has me with one eye open wider than the other, annoying tuft of hair in the middle and I had a cold so really bright red cheeks on my otherwise pasty white face.

December 5th, 2012, 06:59
Thanks for the input guys! I decided to get a new pair of photos just to be safe, and Interac was right. In the old photos my face was a lot bigger than the new ones I took maybe the place I originally took the photos in had a thing about faces lol. I also cut the smile on the new set of photos so I should be fine moving forward.