View Full Version : Reporting Pension Withdrawal on US Taxes--With A Twist [?]

January 5th, 2013, 13:20
Hey errbody, I was working on JET 2008-2011 and paid into the pension all 3 years, then got back around $8300 of that money in the pension withdrawal. I have not yet applied for the 20% tax refund from the Japanese government. In 2011, after moving back to the USA, I applied for the pension withdrawal, but it did not arrive in my bank account until April 2012. I spent most of 2012 traveling around internationally on the cheap (but not the 330 days required to qualify for the Foreign Income Exclusion this time).

My question is, since the pension was already taxed by the Japanese government at 20%, and I was qualifying for the Form 2555 the entire time I worked in Japan--but I do not qualify during 2012, the year I received the pension refund in my bank account--is this ~$8000 taxable or not? Did you report it on your taxes, or have we already been taxed? Where would I report it on my U.S. taxes anyway? Thanks for your time in advance!

January 6th, 2013, 11:33
You don't pay anything, it was foreign earned income no matter when you received it.