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Let's Talk Japan
March 24th, 2013, 05:44
Anyone interested in applying for the JET Program might want to check out Episode 2 of the Let's Talk Japan Podcast in iTunes or at 002 The JET Program Application Process (http://www.letstalkjapan.com/002-the-jet-program-application-process/)

In this one hour interview, the podcast host interviews the JET Program Office Director at the Japanese Embassy in Washington, DC. Together they discuss the various phases of the application process, as well as tips for submitting a competitive application and having a positive interview experience. Enjoy, and good luck!

March 25th, 2013, 13:06
Not bad, but it's far too long with too much information. Not enough breaks or summaries (at all) to make it feel like you've finished one topic before going to the other. Kind of hard to listen to without really concentrating on it.

For the benefit of a new applying JET, this podcast broken down into more manageable bites would make it easier for an applicant to understand the process.

Also it should be noted that this is HIGHLY American specific, and also completely focused on JHS/ES type JET job discussions, with no information about the SHS perspective.