View Full Version : Pension Refund [2012 Returners]

April 21st, 2013, 00:39
I don't know how many post-JET people bother to look at these forums, but if you are a JET 2012 returner can you say when you received your refund? Also if you are a friend of someone who returned in 2012 and you know when they received theirs can you please post when they received it?

I spent five years in Japan so I know a lot of people who received refunds over the years. I don't know if it is just a fluke, but this year a lot of people I've talked with still haven't received their refund or have only recently received it (even people who applied as soon as they returned like myself). Supposedly it takes 4-6 months, but it's going on month 9 and so many people I know are still waiting. Again, it could be a coincidence but I would just like to know if it is taking longer this year in general.

July 25th, 2013, 22:49
Going on 12 months for me. I got everything in on time last August, and received one of those "do you really want this or do you want to keep putting in to the Japan pension for 25 years" forms in May, after sending them a note about 5 weeks prior specifically telling them that I did not want one of these, I do indeed want the refund. These extra forms they send seem to delay everything by months...I found evidence that they have been doing this for at least three years, and I can't quite figure why they send it to who they do, who they send a note to telling them when they will get a transfer, who they don't and it just happens, and who they never contact about anything. Found a few here and there in my specific boat...