View Full Version : Getting jobs/experience teaching adults for IELTS examining?

April 5th, 2014, 22:34
Hey everyone,

I'm heading to Japan with Interac in August, but I am also very interested in eventually certifying as an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) examiner (I have the qualification requirements). The problem is, examiner appointment requires three years of English teaching experience, the majority of which must relate to adult students (16 years and over). I'm assuming that the majority of my Interac work is unlikely to be this age or higher. So, I'm wondering what some options are for getting the required experience. Full-time teaching is classified as a minimum of 14 hours per week of face-to-face teaching.

I suppose I could move sideways (down?) into eikaiwa work, but even then, are the classes split between adults and children? What is the student ratio usually like? Another option is to eventually migrate to something like Westgate for university-level English tutoring, but those contracts are short.

I'd love to hear some creative suggestions on how I could get the required experience to qualify as an IELTS examiner; maybe I could do 14 hours of adult-only eikaiwa (that sounds dirty) in the evenings? That probably couldn't count either as it's not through an employer.

I'm lost!

Well done to all the JET acceptees.