View Full Version : Akitajet.com site down -- ES lesson plan translations?

May 12th, 2014, 21:41
Hello all,

akitajet.com seems to be down. Would anyone happen to have any info on if it's coming back up?

I ask because it has an excellent set of lesson plan translations for the Hi, Friends ES textbooks that I've been shaping my ES lessons around. The Japanese versions are available online for free, but it's obviously a lot faster for me to look through English plans.

This is where the lesson plans were:


And here's a cached version of the page:

Hi, friends! - Akita Wiki (http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?es_sm=93&q=cache%3Ahttp%3A%2F%2Fakitajet.com%2Fwiki%2FHi%2C_friends!&oq=cache%3Ahttp%3A%2F%2Fakitajet.com%2Fwiki%2FHi%2C_friends!&gs_l=serp.3...7020.7020.0.7520.

Does anyone have the English lesson plans saved somewhere? Would be a huge help if I could get copies!

May 12th, 2014, 22:02
There's an official English lesson guide, but it costs about 3500 yen, and aside from the Akita AJET one I can't seem to find any other independently translated versions online. Are your homeroom teachers really strict about following the "official" lessons? I never really use them when I'm getting ready for elementary school ...

May 12th, 2014, 22:19
Personally I find the lesson plans based around the book pretty handy. I adjust them at will, but it's nice to have a structure to work with instead of starting from scratch, especially since I have all of 2 minutes (if that) to explain to the HRTs what I plan to do for the lesson. But unfortunately I don't have any of them in English. My school sends me a faxed copy in Japanese and I just scribble my notes on that.

Hope you can find them!

May 13th, 2014, 08:00
If you haven't already, post over on official to see if any of the AKITA jets (few of em watch these forums) know anything about the site being down.

May 13th, 2014, 11:02
The site is down for maintenance as of yesterday. I don't know when it will be back up or what's being changed, but it hopefully won't be down long. If you need the resources, try asking on our Akita JET Facebook page if anyone has what you're looking for. It's an open page, so you can join.

May 13th, 2014, 11:30
looks like its back

May 13th, 2014, 13:21
Really? It's still down for me - on my phone and school computer.

May 13th, 2014, 13:27
strange, it was working for me at 11:30 but not now.

well its now 1:50pm and it seems to be working. for how long? nobody knows......

May 15th, 2014, 13:52
It was down this morning, but it seems to be up now. I've been using it for a while today without it going down.