View Full Version : 2 year contract policy for Softbank in Japan, or Docomo or au

May 25th, 2014, 20:26
I have an iPhone on Softbank and I am currently on a 2 year contract.

I've already read that Softbank gives you a 2- or 3-month window after the 2 years to either automatically renew for another 2 years, or cancel without any penalties. So this is what I am confused about.

My situation:
Contract started: October 2013
Ends: October 2015.

I will probably only stay in Japan until the 1st week of August 2016. (about 9 months after I decide to renew for 2 years or cancel from October 2015) Since I obviously won't want to be without a phone for 9 months, I'll probably be stuck at renewing for another 2 years, even though I won't stay in Japan that long. Thus, I will inevitably have to pay the ¥9975 cancellation fee when I leave Japan in August 2016.

Is my understanding correct? Is there any way to not have to pay the cancellation fee?

I'm thinking that I am pretty much going to have to pay the ¥9975 cancellation fee no matter what. It's not as bad as in the USA, where it's around $375, minus a certain number of months, but that's when you are less than 2 years. I believe your contract becomes month-to-month after your 2 year contract ends in the USA.

It looks like no matter the case, I will have to pay the ¥9975 cancellation fee no matter what I do, or find someone to take over my contract and phone. (which might be my best option)

Any personal experiences would be extremely helpful! Or things you've heard or read from others.

I don't think this 2 year policy applies to only Softbank, so people who have Docomo or au, I'd like to hear from you too.

Thank you!

May 25th, 2014, 23:44
As far as I know the gap for free cancel is just within the one month! Other than that there is no way to get out of paying the cancellation fee so, yes, you'll have to pay it.

May 26th, 2014, 06:28
you'll have to pay the fee but its no big deal. go to the 100yen shop and buy a coin bank. put 400 yen in it each payday. by the time you leave the country you'll have 10,000 saved up to pay the fee without noticing it.

May 26th, 2014, 06:41
Yeah, I understand now. So it's either pay or transfer contract to someone else. Thanks.


May 26th, 2014, 08:39
Be sure to see what your bill will actually look like, and contact Softbank. One of my friends who is leaving this year (two months before his Au cell contract ends) went to the store, explained the situation and got out of paying the last two months, as long as he paid off the phone itself. AFAIK they aren't charging him a cancellation fee. ESID, but you might get a bit of サービス by going and talking to someone sympathetic at a store.

May 26th, 2014, 19:15
Definitely ESID, and I had AU (maybe they aren't such hardarses?) but I renewed my contract (3rd 2-year contract, left 1 year through the final 2-year period), but didn't get a new phone for the final period I was there.
Since I wasn't still paying off a phone I didn't get charged a cancellation fee.

As webstaa says - your best bet is probably to just go talk to someone about it.