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Master Mushroom
November 8th, 2014, 05:08
When going through the application, I noticed this:

"5. Other Previously Undisclosed Conditions
Have you ever been treated for any other illness or condition previously undisclosed on this document? If yes, you must provide details below AND have your doctor fill out the Physician's Form clearly stating your fitness to live overseas and work on the JET Program."

The way this is worded, "ever been treated for any other illness or condition" it sounds like you would need to get a physicians form filled out for even the most insignificant event, such as being treated for chicken pox when you were 5 years old. For some reason I seriously doubt they actually want this. Is this a mistake on the application form or am I reading this wrong?

November 8th, 2014, 06:02
Miami Coordinator posted this clarification a while ago:

I got an official word on things around SAMF and Physician’s Form. We basically inquired to Tokyo if applicants really need to list ANY past illness/conditions including temporary ones under question #5 on SAMF then provide Physician’s Form. The answer is no, they don’t need to list everything. Tokyo just needs to know applicants’ conditions that might cause difficulties for them to live/work in Japan and/or conditions that require special placement consideration. Therefore, those medical conditions that obviously don’t recur and do not affect their JET participation don’t have to be disclosed. (They should totally note this on the SAMF.)

Likewise, under question #3 (ongoing conditions), common conditions that don’t hinder their JET participation like acne/ear infection can also be omitted. Of course T-land doesn’t have a list of conditions that are in no need to be disclosed, they are saying that we should use our own best judgment.
Examples I confirmed that can be omitted from SAMF and don’t require Physician’s Form are:
-past mono
-past broken bone
-ear/sinus infection
-chicken pox
-wisdom teeth removal
-urinary tract infection

Master Mushroom
November 8th, 2014, 06:17
Ah, thanks.