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May 10th, 2005, 16:01
Congratulations to everyone who has go in, and good luck to those still in the process...

While you have the time now I would suggest you do a small amount of reading / research so you know what your getting into. I have found these books useful:

About the JET program / teaching:

Leonard, TJ (1999) East meets West: Problems and solutions, understanding misunderstandings between JTEs and ALTs. (I found this one useful – it helped me avoid some common mistakes and understand my JTE a bit more- Sorry, no ISBN for this one)

Chandler, D and Kootnikoff, D (eds)(2002) Getting both feet wet: Experiences inside the JET program. Tokyo, JPGS Press. ISBN: 1-933175-00-1 (This is a collection of essays by program participants with a matching essay by their Japanese boss / counterpart. I found it useful, some bits cover CIRs too)

McConnell, D.L (2000) Importing Diversity: inside Japan’s JET program. Berkeley, Univeristy of California Press; ISBN: 0-520-21636-9. (This was written by an academic and covers the development of the JET program, CLAIR etc. It’s quite good for that, but isn’t practically focused)

Riddle, D. (2001) Teaching English as a foreign / second language (part of the “teach yourself series”) Hodder and Stoughton, ISBN 0-340-78935-2 (This one has been useful to dip into for suggestions on how to do lesson planning etc, when I first started)

About Japan / living abroad:

I read a book about living in Japan before arriving. Unfortunately I have forgotten which one, but there are several around – put “living in Japan” in to google and pick one that looks nice.

Kohls, R.L (2001) Survival Kit for Overseas Living: For Americans Planning to Live and Work Abroad; Yarmouth, Maine: Nicholas Brealey Publishing/Intercultural Press. ISBN: 1-85788-292-x (I found this useful to overcome culture shock. It is easy to read and practical)

Either the Rough Guide or Lonely Planet guide to Japan. Especially the section on the prefecture you will be in (when you know).

I would suggest reading one of the books on the JET program (either Getting both feet wet or East meets West), and a book on living in Japan etc. Then any topic you feel drawn to follow up. Remember you don’t have to buy them – get them through your library using inter-library loan or something like that. You can photocopy or take notes. Then if you really want buy them.

Also now is the time to start doing a little Japanese study, otherwise you may do what I did and order raw egg with your udon without realising at Tokyo orientation. With 20 mins a day you would be well set. I use the JLPT books now, but before JET used Japanese for Busy People.

If anyone else knows of any useful books, guides, langauge courses etc please add them to this list...

May 10th, 2005, 16:56
Cool thanks for the info...a few of these seemed real interesting and ill be checking them out!! :D

May 10th, 2005, 19:40
Yeah, thanks for the suggestions. East meets West is now on my post-exam reading list! Cheers. :)