View Full Version : Canadian Interviews - Any JETs know the time slots?

January 24th, 2015, 11:56
Hey guys,

My interview placement is for 4:15 PM on the last scheduled day of interviews. I can't help but feel that I'm actually the very last person they're going to see.
I've read and seen in various places that this is quite an unflattering position to be in and I'm not sure what to do in order to mitigate any disadvantages. Does
anyone on here remember the times for previous years? Or maybe the length of each interview? I'm just trying to figure out whether I'm dead last or if there are a few
people after me. Thanks in advance. Sorry mods if this is a pointless post in the wrong section.

Zolrak 22
January 24th, 2015, 12:06
You are probably the second to last or something along those lines.

Either way, it's best not to think about it. After all, you can't really do much beyond keeping a good attitude and hoping to make the best out of a bad situation. [emoji28]

Ps: for future reference, this kind of post is probably best suited for the Aspiring Canadian thread [emoji14].

January 24th, 2015, 13:27
I'm not sure the last place is so terrible. The interviewers are probably happy they're nearly done for the day and are probably in a good frame of mind because of it. Just be positive and upbeat.

Zolrak 22
January 24th, 2015, 14:39
I'm not sure the last place is so terrible.

Who knows, chances are they'll just ace you in order to go as fast as possible. [emoji14]

January 24th, 2015, 15:35
I'm in first day at 130pm, so pretty close if not the first person after lunch. I'm really hoping this works in my favor!

As for being last on the last day, my best advice is to be as upbeat and friendly as possible. Genki-ness is contagious. Besides, sure its a long day for the interviewers, but they know what they were getting themselves into, and I'm sure it won't impact you drastically.

January 24th, 2015, 20:18
Last year I was in the last time slot on the last day. It was like 3:15pm though, so seems a bit later this year! The told me 20 minutes, but it took 30.
Anyway, turned out alright for me.

January 24th, 2015, 22:11
I was 2:45 on a friday, and I'm pretty sure I was the last one through that day to be honest. There were three days of interviews that year. I wouldn't worry about it to much, first or last doesn't make that much of a difference when there are a bunch of check boxes you're hitting, not just "are they more or less awesome than the person before".