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February 27th, 2015, 08:30
I just realized that on any sort of medical form I filled out (this is for Canada), I was never actually asked if I was colour blind, but, looking at the certificate of health, it does get the doctor to list colour blindness. I'm just red-green colour blind, but I figure it has to do with driving. Does anyone know if this will negatively affect exchanging my license? I mean, the lights are red, yellow, and blue. I've never had any trouble in Canada. They just get me to label what the colours are supposed to be on a diagram of a traffic light. No one on the internet seems to have answered this question as far as I can tell. I'm planning to try and give the JAF a call later.

Also, might it be beneficial to give the help desk a call or an email and see what they think? I truthfully didn't even think about it when I was filling the form out.

February 27th, 2015, 08:51
I don't know the specifics, but my successor is hard-core mega colorblind, and he was able to get his license without a problem. I'll ask him if he needed to do anything special, but I suspect you'll be fine.

February 27th, 2015, 08:52
When are you leaving us, word?

February 27th, 2015, 09:27
Oh, I meant my successor from my last job; he got here like two years ago. He's a cool guy; he's in my local group of gamers/DnDers.

February 27th, 2015, 15:20
Probably depends on how you're tested for it when you get to the license center. My center had one light that changed color (instead of three lights in the normal pattern.) Pretty sure they'd fail your vision test if you can't tell the colors apart.

Zolrak 22
February 27th, 2015, 17:44
Could or couldn't?

February 27th, 2015, 17:46
I put down on my application that i am colour blind and they asked me about it in my interview. But they were only concerned about how it would affect me teaching colours to students. One of the ex JETS genuinely seemed to think that i couldn't see any colours but once i explained that i only confused a few different shades of colours they were fine with it and said it wouldn't be an issue as i would be teaching bright colours which i can identify easily.

I can't imagine it will be an issue for getting a licence in Japan if you already have one overseas though i don't know how it works for people from Canada. I know it's easy to get a licence in Japan if you have an Australian one as i do. I'd imagine that you only have to be able to identify the colours of the traffic lights which are easy anyway.

February 27th, 2015, 17:59
Canadiites also have it easy. Only 'Murikans and South Afrikkans and a few others hafta deal with the test.