View Full Version : Insufficient Income and Form 8802 Application for US Residency Certification

Eye of Tengri
June 22nd, 2016, 03:48
Hello everyone. I filled out Form 8802 but am stuck with the supporting documentation. I didn’t file taxes for 2015, and checked ‘No’ in Line 5, due to insufficient income. In the instructions, the IRS asks me to prove it by attaching another tax form like the W2 or 1099. As I understand these are given to you by employers or other people who pay you for services. I was unemployed in 2015, so naturally nobody sent me the W2. I don’t have one and can’t fill it out. The first thing on the W2 is your employer’s name and identification number.

The other option mentioned in the instructions is an “income statement.” I don’t know exactly what it is or how detailed it needs to be, if there is an “official” form(at) for this, or if it needs to be certified in some way. Do I send them all my bank statements from 2015? Sign a letter saying I was unemployed and didn’t make any money and include a penalty of perjury statement?

I’ve called the IRS hotline, but they said that due to an unusually high number of calls they could not take my call today. Has anyone else dealt with this?

June 22nd, 2016, 13:19
I don't know about the supporting documentation, but why don't you just file your taxes online with one of the free programs? If you don't have any income, you can do it pretty quickly, and I usually find that my taxes are accepted by the government within a week of filing. Just another option to consider.

Eye of Tengri
June 23rd, 2016, 15:15
Thanks. I did get in contact with the IRS this morning. They said I didn’t really need to submit the additional documentation but instructed me to add “no job in 2015” to “insufficient income” in the explanation in Line 5.

By the way, they said if you’ve paid online, you can fax the form in to 267-941-1035 or 267-941-1366.