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August 24th, 2016, 22:15

I have quite a few worries and am wondering what people have to say about them.

First of all Some background might be necessary to give context to worries, hope it does not get too long. I have travelled abroad various times over the past 13 years, i'm 31 years old. I did 5 months in Australia when I was 18 doing conservation volunteer work. (it was between that or teaching English in Japan, self doubt of my English abilities even though I'm a native English speaker put me off TEFL) after that 5 months I got to visit a Penfriend in America to go to a highschool for one month. This 6 month trip, changed my life completely, made me a lot less shy and sparked a new way of thinking.

I went to college to study graphic design for two years, then joined the second year of a degree at a university to study Graphic Design. during the initial two years of graphic design study, I created a piece of graphic work that started me down the route of fine art. which was ten years ago now. After my university course ended and I only got a 3rd in grade level. I pushed my art as far as i could go. I have since had a solo show in London and have sold work in various locations. I have currently got an art studio residency at a local college (space to create my art) I run a life drawing group locally, and work 2 hours a week as a teacher of printmaking at a private school. although it sounds like I'm doing great, i'm not a salesman, and tend to borrow myself into my art life, and neglect sales, PR type stuff, so I'm currently back living with parents who are kind enough to put up with me.

My next art project will be about Tokyo, will need use of Japanese and cultural knowledge of Japan and will need a year in Tokyo, and a couple of years to make the piece once back in England. From research it seems like the best and most authentic way to learn Japanese, and learn more about Japan would be to do the jet programme. Though I have many worries! I think if the first year went well doing a second would be great, so the project is about 5 years of my life if all works out.

My written English (as i'm sure you can tell from reading the above, and I have been tested as dyslexic) is not at all great. I also feel like my spoken English is not very good either, in both how I speak and the number of words I use) Do you think that there are resources I can use for improving this?

I'm quiet, though try hard to show initiative and push myself. This is another reason I feel Like the jet program would be a boon to my life, to put myself in a position that I might find difficult, and that I have great worries about my ability to cope, but that I will rise to the occasion of.

I do lack some what a lot of cultural knowledge about how own country I feel and music (i know next to nothing about music) . I've spent many years obsessed by art and creating works, that many pop cultural events i've stayed away from. not sure how bad this will be, possibly I know more than I feel I do.

I say I teach at a school, but Its very very laid back, to the point that I just show up an hour before, and can plan what will happen, most weeks i'll have about 4 students. I've had about 16 students before, but they can get on with most things, and are of secondary school age. I'm very unsure how I will do with teaching.

Also I'm not at all a big alcohol drinker, so I am unsure how good this will be from a social perspective.

The worries make me think its a good reason to also apply, to push myself into this and cope when there. Though in the application process, i'm unsure if I'll get in due to my problems.

my greatest strength though, Is my ability to focus on a given task, so am hoping that this helps.
not sure how much sense any of the above makes, i do tend to write in a very brain dump sort of way.

Are there any videos you recommend me watching, or books I should read?
kind regards

August 25th, 2016, 07:51
Jet is unlikely to get you a year in Tokyo, it will also be full of annoying spoiled children 10 years your junior.

If you're planning to come on Jet to use the capital city as an artistic muse you'll almost certainly be disappointed. Save up for a bit and go and do some Eikawa or something for a year.

August 25th, 2016, 08:03
Hey thanks for the reply. The plan is not to do that. I would be happy to be placed in a remote location in Japan. Doing jet for 2 years then most likely leave jet and go spend one year in Tokyo researching for my next art project.

August 27th, 2016, 07:44
If the art is the long-term goal though I wouldn't waste 2 years faffing about in the inaka to get there.

Jet life will see you dragged into octogenarian frisbee competitions and dreadful parties spent listening to some buck-toothed Texan virgin drone on about Dr Who.

The money isn't great now either, all Jet has going for it is a bit of extra status. Honestly, at 31 do Interac or Eikawa in Kanto.

August 27th, 2016, 08:23
The art is but a small part of the project. The journey/story/research is a big part. Im not bothered about rushing things.

I like the idea of doing what gou call octogenarian frisbee and chatting with buck toothed virgin drone tall about dr who (i like meeting all sorts of people)

I want random occurrences, and also some stable place to live that might grow into a routine like im living a completely different like in some other world. Such things appeal to me. I have am abundance of patients.

The money seems ok enough, looks ok to live on, and i live simply so would not be buying a great deal of things.

Cheers for the input.
The other things you mention seem like they do not set you up so much as jet does.

August 27th, 2016, 09:15
Just what the world needs, another gaijin using tokyo as their muse.

Snarkiness aside, jet doesn't seem like the best choice for you. I think you're being too dismissive of the difficulties an inaka placement would bring. And maybe more importantly, the long wait before you know if you're accepted, know where your placement is, and are ready to depart seems ill-suited for your needs. I'd recommend trying other options.
But I don't see any reason why jet would be impossible for you if you choose to go that route.