View Full Version : Red Flags on Application?

August 26th, 2017, 05:10
I didn't get an interview last time around, but I'm thinking of applying again this year. It's understandable enough; I didn't have any teaching or experience with kids at all and have an unrelated major. But I'm paranoid that some little stupid detail got me, and I'm hoping to avoid anything like that this year. Is there anything silly and specific that could get you eliminated?

One I'm wondering about is not having had a full time job. I work, and listed, ~30 hours per week for my current job. Detrimental? It's a "real" marketing/design job, just at a small company.

One of my reference letters was from a high school teacher whose class I tutored in, I'm wondering if it being so old was a big problem.

One of my transcripts contained only a single intro to Japanese language class. Could they have seen that one and skipped the one with my degree? Should I even include that one, or just mention the class on the application?

Realistically is was probably a combination of lots of things. But I'm just wondering if anyone has any perspective on application red flags that could easily get one chopped.

August 26th, 2017, 12:26
Okay so there's a good chance you got nuked on paperwork.

A) A reference should be relatively current, and by people who have directly supervised you.
B) The only transcript you should provide is your university graduation transcript, specifically the one which says you graduate. The rest doesn't matter.
C) The job is not an issue, it's a bonus. Many JETs are fresh grads who have never worked before.

August 28th, 2017, 08:26
I feel like the personal statement is the place where most of the red flags come out.