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May 24th, 2004, 20:11
Shimane may well very be located along the Sea of Japan coast in the Chugoku region, but more importantly, who else is going to be there??!!!

As I didn't pick this prefecture, I'm especially happy about "IthinkImLost" - never has the phrase been so apt.

Let me HOPE there are others of you out there. The UK jets, find out today... I am one of them. I being flung to Tamayu town which seems to border a strange inlet of sea... oh, i'm group A too if that helps?

Hopefully (there it is again), today, everyone will know their place in the super-structure.

May 25th, 2004, 13:44
You're in Tamayu? You are my friend's replacement! Tamayu is great only because it sits next to Matsue...which is about as urban as your going to get in Shimane. And if I remember right, you're going to have an actual "house" (really a converted police box, but hey)

May 25th, 2004, 21:11
Hi Anri, I take it you're in Matsue then? How have you found it? From what I've read Shimane is off the tourist track, so in spite of the warning bells that seem to be sounding off behind me, I "hope" that it's a place one can live in relative sanity for a year or two - i also take it you're in for another year... the police box sounds ominous, but then so does Shimane. How many Jets live around Matsue / Tamayu region???


May 26th, 2004, 09:18
I lived in Matsue one year ago, but I am a newcomer to the JET program and I was placed in Izumo (about 30 minutes from Matsue). I personally think that Shimane is beautiful and Matsue at least has a thriving nightlife, and since it has Shimane University (a major public university) there are a lot of young college kids and lots of foriegn exchange students--as I once was here. So in other words you won't be going crazy. THe JETs in Matsue (and I include Tamayu, since Matsue has literally grown around Tamayu) are a tight bunch, so you'll have plenty of people to hang with

May 27th, 2004, 18:31
Sounds good! Thanks for allaying initial worries - in fact Daniel(?) tried calling from Japan today, so if you see/talk to him then say hi, and sorry he couldn't get through to me. My Japanese teacher pretty much said the exact same thing about Shimane being beautiful, and in a way more authentic than the industrialised concrete brutality that i've heard quite a bit about from a friend in Hyogo.



May 27th, 2004, 20:44
Hi Luke,
I've been posted to Shimane too, and I'm in group A. I'm so glad to have found someone else who is going there, it was starting to sound a bit random. I haven't been told which city/town I'm in yet - so that gets me thinking I'm in a random village somewhere! Have you found anymore out about the place?

May 27th, 2004, 20:53
Yay! Another Chugokujin! I've added you to the master list, which incidentally is much better than Rich's Chubu list.

May 28th, 2004, 03:05
Hey Becky - yeah, I just saw you're post on the old yahoo group - glad you found this site - at first, I couldn't believe that I was going somewhere completely unrelated to my choices - but I did choose one of the most popular i.e. kyoto city - so I knew nothing about Shimane as my expectations for getting my 1st choice were naively high. But, the good news is that i've spoken with some people about it and they seem to say it will be a better overall challenge/experience - when you go a major city, being foreign is about as appealing as a foreigner to a fellow londoner - basically, people in Shimane are likely to be warmer, kinder, more receptive to your poor attempts to grasp their language etc - so if you're going to learn a little Japanese then I think Shimane is a good place - on the actual geography side, i've heard it's known as the 'water prefecture' - i hope this refers to lakes/rivers/waterfalls and NOT rain. We'll have to see. I also think it seems to have a lower population than some other prefectures, which worried me at first (as I wanted to meet people, not avoid them) - but as I said above, this is actually a benefit - the chances of decent interaction are higher - we're more likely viewed as an interest than a pest... so, all is well - i feel a lot better now that there's more of us filtering through - i suppose word takes a while to get round... if i learn anything horryfing then i'll post here - likewise, I hope.


May 28th, 2004, 03:49
hello all you sexy shimane people! 8)

thought i'd post on here cos i should be placed in yonago in tottori which is right next door to shimane, as in spitting distance according to the map!
look at my pretty mountain and sea!!! :D :) :D

so, i thought i'd get in early and introduce myself in the hopes of blagging a floor to sleep on for when i come a visiting!!!

oh and i thought i'd add that coming from another rural prefecture (just 620,000 souls!!! :() its not so bad when you get used to the idea, at least i'm in a city with decent rail links, and were close to hiroshima which looks like a lovely place :)

good look with your placements and see you in japan!

May 28th, 2004, 11:23
Actually...I'm still in the U.S. and just learned about my Izumo placement. I haven't been to Izumo much though...I think I met the girl I am gonna replace though.

May 28th, 2004, 22:34
Hi Luke,
Cheers for the positives, I did ask for a rural area because I thought it might be more intimate that a massive city. How much Japanese do you know? Cos I know absolutely zilch apart from the obvious. I really want to start learning right away - do you know the best books etc to buy at all?
I found another guy on yahoo going to Shimane from America - I think Jet do actually send a lot of people there - about 120. Where in the UK are you?

May 30th, 2004, 19:48
My Name is Jason, I'm from San Diego, CA., and I've been placed in Taisha, which I don't know that much about, save for it being right on the coast and fairly close to a famous temple/shrine in Izumo.

Not sure how I feel about being in a rural prefecture where over 25% of the population is over the age of 65, but I guess it's all part of the adventure.

Look forward to meeting many of you in Tokyo in July.


May 30th, 2004, 19:49
My japanese is pretty remedial - i started in the year of my finals and so it suffered for lack of time actually devoted to the subject - it soon becomes clear that Japanese is one of those languages that requires a re-programming of the mind - in terms of books, I'd say Japanese for Busy People vol1 - seems to be the one most recommended by teachers - i think Jet have a crash course in the language but people are more likely to be interested in meeting others on the programme than grammatical structures so don't rely on it too much (just a hunch)... i've heard that some people do a trade for language skills whilst out there (i.e you help them with english, they with your jap) - i'm split between london, brighton and chichester - was going to get a job in london before I go but have decided against it, wisely, so i'm likely to be travelling between the three till departure.

Hope alls well, Luke.

June 2nd, 2004, 23:39
Hello Shimane people,
I've just received details of Shimane - I'm going to be in Masuda, which is an industrial town (not sure how I feel about that). Has anyone else heard anything? Apparently there are only 39 Alts going to Shimane and a car is a good idea.

June 3rd, 2004, 06:18
Hey guys,
I found out the other day that i to will be off to Shimane!,though i was'nt told which town just the school:Kawamoto high school. I have done some research on the net but with no luck so far on finding where that school is. The general consenus on being placed in a more rural setting is good , with or without a car, as it gives you a better chance of getting to know the place and people more than built up areas and it seems to have a good network of JETs!! So i will be seeing you guys soon. Looks loke we are not that alone!!!! :wink:

June 8th, 2004, 09:12
Hey, got my contract for Shimane today... seems kosher... anyone else got theirs? the good thing is i don't have any rent to pay and i get a car thrown in too (yea!) - i didn't realise we only have two days in Tokyo though... seems a tad frugal.

Slipped in with the contract is some mention of an intensive language course before school starts... anyone going??? can we get the school to pay?

The driving (life-line) now seems inevitable - i didn't actually get round to applying for my full one, so the law declares my test pass null and void. i have to get the whole thing done again in less than 8 weeks - anyone from the UK will know the sheer scale of tedium involved. Dark times ahead...

Finally, some words of encouragement (ripped ffrom BD archive):

Shimane is has some great scenery and the people are friendly. Izumo Taisha is one of the oldest and most sacred shrines in Japan, a must see. Be prepared to be treated like an alien from another planet though. I practically caused traffic accidents riding my bike along the main streets of Matsue - admittedly this was 10 years ago but i shouldn't think the place has changed much. My first day at school was televised...
On the upside, I got discounts at shops just for speaking Japanese and people were happy to go out of their way to be helpful.
Take your thermals - the Japan Sea coast has a bitterly cold wind in winter.

BTW - your students will be hugely entertained once you pick up a few words of the local dialect - Izumo-ben (Izumo is the old name for the northern part of Shimane). Here's a few for starters:

dandan - thank you
obanjimashite - good evening
chombo - a little

June 8th, 2004, 21:45
Luke, How much of a good deal did you get??!! No rent - are you an alt? There wasn't any info about my accomodation with the package. I found out my predecessor is someone called Brad. Hopefully he'll be in touch soon. I was wondering about the language course too - I think it's a good idea, especially as I know barely any Japanese!

June 8th, 2004, 22:07
Hey becky,,,, yeah the absence of rent is, to put it mildly, very good. Although, I'm not sure if it is down to the town's generosity or it's merely a subtle way of saying sorry for putting you here.... however, my predecessor seemed really cool (dan) and unusually he is actually staying for a 4th year (by transferring to an elementary somwhere) so it can't be all bad - you can't really get a better safety net than your former jet remaining in the area, so if you/others have any Shimane-related questions, I'll put them in a big letter that I'm sending him soon and foward you his answers (he shouldn't mind). One of the things he told me to watch out for is being a "one-shot" JET which means you'll be spread between several schools - depends on your personality but I imagine it's better for you to stay in the one place.... i have to go for a lesson now but will post later - i think i'm going to apply for the language crash course, although it's £170 and i read on BD that it's more useful for meeting other Shimanean Jets (which i suppose is vital if we're the 2nd most rural land mass in Japan)... bye for now.

June 9th, 2004, 10:12
Hey Luke, I got place in Shimnane too in Kawamoto. I cant beleive you have it so sweet!! i had to check my contract again just to check and see if i had missed something but unfortunately no info on my accomadtion costs. As far as the intensive language course thing goes it will cost a bit but worth it and we can all meet up? I got a sheet to fill in and send it back before the 2nd of July. On a part of it there was pieces of text circled saying that the BOE wasnt paying for accomadation and the course itself but if your luck holds true maybe you might get lucky!! I'll see you guys in a few weeks!!!! :D

June 9th, 2004, 17:51
Good good! hopefully there'll be a load of us on this course then (there's 20 places, and 39 alts so could turn out to be a good meeting point)... i'm lodging there as the school are now paying so if you have to pay yourself, ask your predecessor to (politely) put pressure on the school to fund you as you feel it'd be beneficial for both parties :wink:

Instead of actually air-mailing the form, i'd email the details (kenshukan@sic-info.org) as it's far less hassle.

Anyone, any idea who is going to be in Matsue city? I imagine this is where most ALTs will be placed - but still haven't heard from them.

Kawamoto is about 5 map blocks away so you should be less than an hours drive away which is all right. Where abouts from Ireland you from and what were you up to before JET?

June 9th, 2004, 23:37
Current JEt leaving shimane this year, 3 years of great people and great times that's for sure.

Live in the western part of Shimane, in Masuda city. Usually people in the western part hang out due to sheer geography of the prefecture, Matsue is about a 4 hour drive away on route 9 the killer highway from hell (too many stoplights)!! So over my years here I got to know the ALT's from Muikaichi, Nichihara, Tsuwano, Mito, Hikimi, Hamada and those small areas very well, cause they are all within about an hour's drive of Masuda.

Last year I did the Tokyo Orientation as a volunteer and got to know the first years this year really well. Was great to make friends from all over Shimane and not be only limited to those JET's around me. Not so say that JET's from far away aren't cool at all, it's just when places and parties are so far away (about 75 percent of JETs in Shimane are placed in the eatern part of the prefecture) you start to create your own parties and gatherings close to home. But at the mid year seminars and other events throughout the year, I really think the Shimane JET community is outgoing and fun to be with!

In Masuda city, there are other foreigners than JETs, local english conversation school owners from Canada who are married to Japanese nationals, an American language teacher, who are also very friendly and welcomed us into the community warmly.

And the Japanese people are so welcoming. My husband and I got married in April and invited our closest friends and collagues and 90 of them were Japanese, 10 were local foreigners....so plan on making Japanese friends and learning the language! I didn't speak a lick when I came in 2001 and hope to write the Japanese proficiency 2nd level next year.

Ok, too much info, but do send me a message to my username if you have any questions or whatever about Shimane. I have driven around this prefecture and all the way down to kyushu and regularly take the night bus to osaka and even tokyo a few times, there is relatively cheap ways to get around (including my much beloved CIVIC!!)...

take care and happy preparing for shimane!!!


June 10th, 2004, 01:54

I'm a UK Alt and just found out my placement is in the Shimane region. I'm to the East in a village called Yosihda and working in a couple of schools in the area, from what I can gather.

Anyone else near this at all??

June 10th, 2004, 02:39
'lo there! - yeah i'm 2 map bits above you, so quite near.

Not sure if anyone has seen this, but it's quite good - www.yamasa.org/jet/overview.html

June 10th, 2004, 03:19
I studied in Limerick in the west of Ireland. After i finished my final year i went off to America to arse around for a few months but always had the idea of going to Japan.It always seemed like a really big adventure and i could all going well learn some Japanese in the process and hopefully useing :) it with my degree in few years. I eventually want to get into international marketing. How about yourself? what part of the UK you from? Why Japan? If you are that close ill be most likely seein ya in July. I think we all get carted off in the same bus or plain. Its finally good to find a site with a thread just for Shimane JETs! I was on BigDaikon a lot in the past few months but it doesnt seem to have all that many threads on Shimane so its cool you guys are here. I also got word from my predecessor today which is great.

Any of you guys going to do the Japanese language course? any opinions on it?
see ye all soon!!

June 10th, 2004, 04:50
to thekid - yeah i saw your thread on shimanean transport - i'll be honest, it's my only worry - i think if some say you need one (a car that is) and some say don't worry about it, the former lot probably were placed in an unbelievably remote place - they say i'm going to a town but i have a friend who was placed in Ono 'city' last year and even he cycles to work through rice fields - so, i'm cramming lessons (i passed 4 years ago, but foolishly let the pass certificate expire :oops: - without a doubt the dumbest thing i've done)... some of the replies on that BD thread say you need to have had a licence three months prior to setting off? i'm buggered either way, but gonna try and pass (again) for sanity sake alone.

I'm from central london, went to Kings college (london) and did law but the way law seems to work (i.e. very structured / treadmill mentality) you're deprived of a chance to actually pause and reflect - the whole Jet thing is a fortunate accident, thanks to my Ono city friend, who had the right idea i think. I know what you mean about finding a thread or even just people going to/leaving Shimane - i hope this site works out - a mobile may be a good idea when we're there.

Definately going to do the language course - my supervisor speaks little if no english (or so i'm told) so it seems reckless not to :) one thing that a lot of people have been saying - learn hiragana and katakana before you arrive... no easy feat when the sun's shining.

June 10th, 2004, 11:19
MAATSUE-SHI...Shimane-ken...kick ass in my opinion, but what do i know...not too big and not too small; a good feeling washed over me when i read the email today...big ups eevrybody to everybody here

June 10th, 2004, 13:33
Hi everyone, I'm the current CIR in Daito (imediately south of matsue and Tamayu, SE of Izumo and Taisha, way E of Masuda, Gotsu, and Iwami). If you have any questions, especailly regarding the Matuse Izumo area (i live only 20min from Central Matsue) please feel free to ask.
From waht i've heard, everyone who has done the language course has ahad a great time and got a lot out of it. Apply now cause space is limited.
Anyway, I'm looking forward to meeting you in August and best of luck with packing and stuff

June 11th, 2004, 10:01
Hey gang, I am an ALT in Masuda City and I know there are two of you coming here. I see that some of you have been asking about the language course. I think that it is a good idea, but as someone else mentioned that although it is a good chance to study it is also the first time you will be spending time with other new Shimaneans. Often there is more drinking than studying. If this is your thing than more power to ya.

If anyone has any questions about Masuda, Shimane or any of this JET worry stuff please drop me a line. Also if you have any questions about whether you can/should bring your bf/gf, getting married here things like that also pm me.

That's all for now kids. Good luck on your preparations and look forward to hearing from you.

June 11th, 2004, 10:18
Word to the wise about getting into the language course. I couldn't get inwhen I came because I said I had taken 10 hours of Japanese study (my pre JET training). So if you want to try to assure that you will get in, I reccommend putting "NO JAPANESE KNOWLEDGE" at all on the form, they only want to take beginners. So up to you if you want to get in or not!

Upon being accepted, the centre in Matsue that organizes this, will send paper work to your Board of education and your board of education has in their little ALT book somewhere if they cover the costs of your transportation, lodging and course fee. Usually the course fee is provided, but the transportation and lodging is usually up to the alt.....

However, if you have a supervisor who speaks English well, I reccommend making a case for the fact that you have no Japanese and it would benefit the school and your relations with everyone there (and plus you probably won't have anything to do at your BOE or schools really so you'll be avoiding sitting around in a busy office full of office workers.....) It's worth a shot!

But in the past, for the 3 years I have experienced living here, my colleagues who attended really said the benefits besides the nice teachers and cultural events, was hanging out in matsue and meeting alts and forming bonds....great if you will be posted to Masuda, Hamada or Tsuwano which is 4 or 5 hours away by car (2 and a half by the amusement park crazy rocket train).

Good luck with the applications and feel free to pm me about any concerns or questions you may have!!!

kanadajin (aka wasabi-lover's love!!!)

June 11th, 2004, 15:17
Kanadajin -

Saw the Shimane group pic you posted - OK - Who's who?


PS - So if I've taken one year of College Japanese I CAN'T take the language course? Anyone who's taken it - is it really elementary stuff like in the Japanese language book they send with your handbook?

June 12th, 2004, 00:05
I'm the guy in the black shirt w/ red tie next to the US flag

June 15th, 2004, 23:54
Still waiting on hearing about the alternate to fill my position in Shimane ken.


June 16th, 2004, 23:33
Found out from the prefecture that my replacement at MASUDA highschool in Masuda, Shimane ken is from the UK.

Nothing else yet....can't wait to make contact and help them out with whatever they need to know.

Just so y'all know...current JETs are kept in the dark about things too!!! 8)

June 18th, 2004, 16:35
:) :) :)

June 18th, 2004, 16:39

that last post by wasabi lover was supposed to be for me! Kanadajin.

my computer automatically logs in as my husband's username recently...

sorry about that! his replacement is a nice girl from the UK!

And I finally got wind of my successor...that's right June 22....pretty late considering he'll be here in a little more than a month!!! He is very nice on the phone and he's from the UK!!! Yay! mistukaremashita!!!


June 19th, 2004, 00:10
Hey there Shimane JETs. A little heads up for incoming ALTs. As Suterumono posted, the JET Language course is a really great opportunity to get a bit of a grounding in Japanese before you head out to your schools/boards of educations.

I am a CIR working in the office where the course is organised. This year is the first year that the course entry is not first-come-first served, so you will not be disadvantaged if your contracting organisation sends out the form late. If the number of applicants exceeds the quota, entry will be decided by 'lottery'

Only apply if you consider yourself a beginner at Japanese (this means that you have had little or no Japanese study, or experience in Japan). The course is intense, but it is also a great chance to spend a week in Matsue with new JETs from over the prefecture. At the end of it, you will hopefully have the skills you need to talk about and respond to questions about yourself and your home country.

Goodluck with the preparations. If you have any questions about the language course, life in Shimane (especially Matsue or the Oki Islands), PM me.


June 19th, 2004, 01:51
maybe i just missed it in the thread but how do we apply for the course...will this happen when i get my packet from my BOE, when i get to Japan or is there somebody that can be emailed to register? btw, thanks a lot to the shimane JETs...you people have been way more than helpful

June 19th, 2004, 16:27
The application for the language course should come with your package from the BOE. They will let you know whether your schedule for work permits you to attend and whether they will assist with payment.

July 1st, 2004, 10:30
Hey all you incoming Shimane peoples. Have not heard from many of you lately, have you got it all figured out than?
It was 32 degrees yesterday and will be hotter today. The sea has warmed up and is a perfect temperature for dipping 'bring lots of suntan oil and your swim gear'. I thought I would use this space today to talk about my car. It is a 1993 black Honda Civic hatchback. It has 250,000 km on it, which is all highway and has a good stereo and great AC. It is insured until October at which point you would have to insure it. We are asking 170,000 yen OBO delivered to the closest train station to your house. The car also has brand new snow tires that cost 50,000 just last year. We will also give you the chains for the snow tires and the summer tires as well. While most cars ALTs drive small K cars, this one is a regular western size civic hatchback. Great for hauling friends and things around in. PM me or the kanadajin if you are interested.

July 1st, 2004, 12:50
Shimane does not suck!! I hope that the lack of activity on this board does not mean that you are all depressed or in shock! I wanted to post a few pictures of Shimane cause I know there is not much on the net. Does anyone know how to make an album here? :D

July 3rd, 2004, 02:36
kick ass, goats...i would love to see a bunch of pics! nobody said shimane sucks and for the record i'm looking forward to it very much...there's a gallery (obviously) and i know Paul (username) on the site has posted pics and is somewhat in charge here...maybe pm him to find out the procedure...as many pics as possible are encouraged! specific location in japan for ya or are you just a transient over there :)?

July 3rd, 2004, 19:19
Good to see that someone is reading this forum :) I am currently in Shimane-ken. I have recontracted so I'm about to start my second year. I really want to meet all the newbies but I will be travelling for all of Aug. Maybe we will meet in Sept.? I just spent the whole day at the beach...ahhhhh bliss! I look like a lobster but I think I might do the same tomorrow! The weather here is bloody HOT right now! Make sure you bring your bathing suit. I know how to make albums on the Sony Imagestation site so I think I will make a "Shimane" album and then post the link here. Maybe I will get around to it tonight, if I can get past the sun stroke feeling.

If anyone has any questions about being a prefectural ALT (high school) in Shimane, post them here, I will do my best to answer them.

Not long now!!! Welcome to Shimane!!!

July 3rd, 2004, 21:16
http://www.imagestation.com/images/is/community/this_album_button.gif (http://www.imagestation.com/album/?id=4286354365)

This link should take you directly to the album. If it doesn't, just go to Imagestation.com go to the top right, search, member/username, "Shimane"

Sorry I didn't add captions to the photos, and sorry the photos are so boring. I made the album public so anyone with pictures of Shimane can add them. Sorry there are no pictures of Matsue, I've only been there twice :?
If you have any questions about a specific photo just ask.

July 3rd, 2004, 21:28
Sh*t! I think that you have to be a member to view the album. Oh well, if you really want to see them, then sign up, it's free, and will take about 2 minutes. Sorry :(

July 3rd, 2004, 21:45
Well if we're posting car ads... I\m putting my 1998 (Heisei 10) Nissan primera [staion wagon up on the block. 117285km, 1 yr of shaken left on it. Dark red/maroon. automatic (CVT), 2L engine, Dual front airbags, power steering, antilock brakes. new regular tires, pretty new snow tires (only used last season). No CD player, but according to the nissan dealer it can be cheaply and easily added after market. I will throw the tape adapter for my discman as a bonus. Great traction in the snow. Also great for those road trips to Hiroshima, the sands dunes, Kyoto, and even Nagoya. Bought it for 500,000 and I will part with it for 200,000 or best offer. Pick up/ deliver after 7/30. PM with questions or offers.

July 3rd, 2004, 21:48
pic of the car

also my photopage is at
If anyone wants to check out some shots in the life of an inaka CIR

July 6th, 2004, 17:48
http://www.imagestation.com/images/is/community/this_album_button.gif (http://www.imagestation.com/album/?id=4286354365)

This link should take you directly to the album. If it doesn't, just go to Imagestation.com go to the top right, search, member/username, "Shimane"

Sorry I didn't add captions to the photos, and sorry the photos are so boring. I made the album public so anyone with pictures of Shimane can add them. Sorry there are no pictures of Matsue, I've only been there twice :?
If you have any questions about a specific photo just ask.

Thanx for posting these photos! It answered a few questions I had, like what are the beaches like. What part of Shimane are you in? I'm headed for a coastal town named Taisha.

And they wern't boring at all, but captions on a few of them would have been helpful. The one of all the snow kind of scares me - I thought I was far south enough to avoid heavy snow.

Curious side note - I signed up to see the photos and then i typed "shimane" in the search box and three albums came back, including an album of JETs having a party. Cool.

July 9th, 2004, 10:09
I am in central Shimane, right on the coast. Don't worry about the snow, that picture was taken about a 1/2 hour inland, on the coast there was no snow that day. The entire winter it snowed on the coast (in my town) only twice and was gone the next day.

July 21st, 2004, 09:53
hey any of you guys going to the intensive language course?

July 22nd, 2004, 03:01
just received word by mail a few days ago that i'm in for the course...hoping i get something out of it and it doesn't turn out to be a colossal waste of money

July 22nd, 2004, 06:37
yep - i'm on it too - i've heard good stuff about it - make sure you stay over at the lodge.

July 22nd, 2004, 12:37
I processed the questionnaires from last year's participants of the Japanese Language Course. By the sounds of it, the course is valuable both in terms of the language skills gained and the network you make with other incoming ALTs. It's quite a lot of work, but it is an experience that you won't forget (in a good way!).

July 23rd, 2004, 21:00
it's the last night in the UK!! :)

July 29th, 2004, 11:40
Well, we made it and are here in Shimane. So far, everything has been great, but believe me when I say IT IS HOT!

Don't stress too much at orientation, but pack wisely and remember that whatever bags you keep in Tokyo will also have to go with you by plane to Shimane.

Can't wait to meet everyone in late August at the prefectural orientation.


July 30th, 2004, 12:48
hi there gang, ladies and gentleman, shimaneans!!!!

please do your best to make it to the red umbrella this saturday so that we can meet for the 1st time in our new habitat.


July 30th, 2004, 12:58
hi there gang, ladies and gentleman, shimaneans!!!!

please do your best to make it to the red umbrella this saturday so that we can meet for the 1st time in our new habitat.



I'll be there. I'll do my best to drag Russell from Izumo along with me.
My first adventure with JR and the local buses - ah what fun awaits.


August 2nd, 2004, 14:14
another Shimane JET get^together this Saturday at 6:30 in Matsue for fireworks and a good time.

Post here if you need details.

I hope to make it over from Taisha with Rusty from Izumo, but the taxi charges from last week were way too expensive, so another route will have to be worked out.


August 5th, 2004, 09:38
taxis are disgustingly expensive. any rent you save living outta town goes on taxis - is there anyone in matsue who will let me park outside their place? i`m hoping john (from oki) is on this site....

see you outside mr d`s for the fireworks!

August 6th, 2004, 00:31
Tim here. If anyone needs a place to crash in Matsue on Saturday night, they are welcome at my place. 6 new jets managed to find space on my floor/couch after last year's suigosai! Let me know when we meet at Mr D's.

August 6th, 2004, 13:13
may have to take you up on that generous offer - c u saturday :)

October 31st, 2004, 22:12
hey! I'm actually all the way over here in Saitama.. but in 1997 I did a 10 month exchange at a private school in Izumo... it was meeting some JETs at a 'lets get out gaijins. I also got introduced to the CIR at city hall.. and that's how I found out about JET...