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May 25th, 2004, 03:56
I've just been placed somewhere (I don't know where yet) in Yamaguchi pref. Not exactly where I wanted to go, but hopefully it will be good. Does anyone know anything about it? If anyone is being replaced as a CIR by me please let me know, I need urgent reassurance!!
Thanks, Alex.

May 25th, 2004, 17:49
Hey Alex, if you're a CIR then you might be replacing Mike. He's one of the CIRs in Yamaguchi. I know he's definitely leaving, but I don't know about the other CIR.

You'll probably be placed in Yamaguchi city. It's a fair sized city, so you shouldn't have any problems. Its good because you're in the middle of the ken, so you have easy access to all places. Definitely might want to think about getting a car when you're here.

Anyway if you have any questions, I can probably answer them, I know Mike and I've been to his apartment *once*. Got to go now, (dinner with my supervisor).

May 25th, 2004, 23:09
Cool. I heard from Tori, who also thought I might be replacing Mike. I think she's trying to get in touch with him for me. Thanks for your message, I'm starting to feel much more positive! What was his apartment like by the way? I've heard a few horror stories from previous JETS!

May 26th, 2004, 07:21
I am going to be in Yamaguchi, Tabuse-cho specifically. And all by myself, I assume. It's tiny.

It freaked me out for about a day but I'm ok now.

May 26th, 2004, 19:23
Hey Alpot, Mike's apartment was fine, no problems at all. Decent size and pretty much near the heart of Yamaguchi. On a lighter note, there's a guy Chris (1st year JET) who's a lot of laughs to be with. Proper Brit.

Sanzo - Hey I know your predecessor, have never been to his place so I cant tell you much about it. I think that you definitely need a car as your town is small.

June 1st, 2004, 21:48

I've also found out I'm off to Yamaguchi prefecture...still don't know where yet! Good to know others are heading that way too. Very excited..but also very scared...anyone else?

June 3rd, 2004, 01:50
Hi Yorkie.

I saw from another post that you are in Group B. I'm in A so I won't meet you in Tokyo, but I guess I'll be seeing you at our Yamaguchi orientation.

Of course, I am excited and scared too.

Kirk (Sanzo)

June 4th, 2004, 00:39

Good to hear that someone else is going to my part of the country...have you heard where yet? I haven't heard anything. Looking forward to meeting everyone!

June 9th, 2004, 09:26
Someone I talk to on livejournal just headed over to Yamaguchi... I do believe she is in and around Hofu, but she is teaching at a private school, so a non-JET. She absolutely LOVES it so far! :)

July 1st, 2004, 10:34
Hey group. I am an outgoing ALT in Shimane prefecture (your neighbor) [
. I thought I would use this space today to talk about my car. It is a 1993 black Honda Civic hatchback. It has 250,000 km on it, which is all highway and has a good stereo and great AC. It is insured until October at which point you would have to insure it. We are asking 170,000 yen OBO delivered to the closest train station to your house. The car also has brand new snow tires that cost 50,000 just last year. We will also give you the chains for the snow tires and the summer tires as well. While most cars ALTs drive small K cars, this one is a regular western size civic hatchback. Great for hauling friends and things around in. PM me or the kanadajin if you are interested.