View Full Version : Who's staying for 2 years?

May 26th, 2004, 22:49
I know that this question is a bit premature, as some people don't even know where they are going to be placed yet, but is anyone thinking of staying for more than 1 year?

*IF* all goes well, ie I like where I'm living, and I'm enjoying myself etc.. I will probably stay for another year... might as well learn more japanese, and avoid british tax at the same time...... then again who know's what will happen over the next year.

May 26th, 2004, 22:54
I really have no idea! I plan to stay in Japan for a while but it all depends on where I am. If I'm placed in inaka I may get a different job in a big city after my contract. But I'll probably be in Japan for a while unless I get really pissed off with everything!

May 26th, 2004, 23:01
Unless it's absolutely horrible where I am, how long I stay will just depend on how much I miss stuff from home. I would guess probably two years at the moment to avoid the tax situation, but things could easily swing either way.

May 26th, 2004, 23:03
At least 2 years for me. I need a good long break from cloudy England. Unless I get that one-shot job, i really cant see myself enjoying that. In which case I'll look for another job when my year's up.


May 26th, 2004, 23:47
Increasingly, I suspect I'll be there for two years. One seems like too little time to really get involved with Japan. With two years, I'd be better able to integrate myself into the school and the JTEs would have a better chance to get to know me and my abilities. And I think two years will be fine, assuming I have a decent placement. I need a break from college anyway

More than two years? I doubt it. I still have to get on with graduate school and my actual career. Beyond two years, it just feels like I'd be wasting time and not moving on with my life. For people with a career interest more directed toward Japan, this may not be the case, but for me this is really an elective experience. I'll enjoy it, I hope to make use of it in the future, but it's far off the direct track of my chosen metier.

May 26th, 2004, 23:55
It depends how good my Japanese is after a year. If it's enough to instigate my plan of WORLD DOMINATION, err, I mean, getting into translation, or maybe embassy/diplomatic work, then no. But if I don't feel that I'm good enough, then yeah, 2 years sounds good!

May 27th, 2004, 00:14
5 years? huh....wow that would be cool.

I had planned to stay 2 years if i liked it and see how i felt at the end of that. but 5 years would be a real oppertunity. this is of course all dependent on my falling in love with japan and actually enjoying living there, if not then look out world Shoto's moving on!

May 27th, 2004, 00:16
5 years? is this just a new thing, cause the last time i looked at it, it was only 3 years

May 27th, 2004, 00:32
Planning and advising would be great! Maybe it's worth hanging on just to get to that point. Something for me to think about, anyway!

May 27th, 2004, 00:52
Yeap, it's new for this year onwards. 3 years are teaching, and the final 2 are to do with planning lessons and advising teachers as far as I know.

I had heard rumours about the 5 year thing once or twice in the last couple of months, but I never knew it was real.

That's very cool.


May 27th, 2004, 01:21
actually two years planning and advising may be just the ticket. that would be fantastic experience for me and would help enormously with my future teaching career although i wouldn't have trained to teach until I'm 27. sheesh.


May 27th, 2004, 01:52
I think the 4th and 5th years, are not spend just planning and advising. I think they just pay more attention to your planning and advice. After all, they probably know your name by now.

In seriousness, I thought those positions involved extra elementary visits, and a bit more of a "teacher" than "assistant" position.

Ah well, all in the future, eh..

May 27th, 2004, 02:06
we will all know when we get there no doubt, and who knows some of us may sponge of the japanes government longer then others. :D

May 27th, 2004, 03:21
I can definitely see myself staying more than a year. Of course it depends on a number of factors, as it does for everyone, but I really have a desire to hold on to this opportunity for as long as I can. I'm not telling my family/friends this though. They're still set on me coming home after a year. :wink: Sorry, mom, I'm off on my adventure!

-Vince XII

May 27th, 2004, 03:40
I'm definitly planning on staying more than a year, I got huge student debt to pay off! If all goes well I plan on staying for 3 years...dunno about those 4/5th year positions...sounds...interesting...

May 27th, 2004, 04:40
Who knows. I'm having trouble seeing too far into the future these days. When I think about a career, I don't necessarily see teaching English as it. Then again, I'm not the career oriented kind of person.

Realistically, I see 2 years of JET and then moving on to something different though still in Japan.

What a lovely trajectory: this uncertainty.

May 27th, 2004, 04:50
I have no idea yet, but I would like to stay atleast 2 years. My family is expecting me to stay for life, though. :lol:

May 27th, 2004, 05:03
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May 27th, 2004, 06:05
i would love to stay for two years (if they want me to!)
one year isn't long enough really, i think it'll take one year just to settle in... oh and to avoid the hideous uk tax too! (sticks his middle finger up at the uk taxman)

May 27th, 2004, 17:21
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May 27th, 2004, 17:53
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May 27th, 2004, 19:23
If I ever get a bloody placement....

... I will stay for 2 yrs if it's bearable and 3 if it's good. As much as I'd probably like to do a 4th year were it even offered, I can't stay any longer than 3 years because I am in the middle of another degree and need to finish it by 2011 or something.

May 28th, 2004, 12:44
I'm definetely going to stay for a few years. Remember, hanging around other JET members is good, but so many of the people I've spoken with end up getting caught up in spending a lot of their free time with other JETS. Remember to strike a balance when using free time. Well that's my advice anyway.

June 4th, 2004, 13:25
I think I'll stay all three years. My placement sounds pretty sweet. it is in super cold Hokkaido, but I'm from Wisconsin, so oh well... BUT I only have to pay ~300/month rent and I get a new car for free and gas to go in it. And they're finding me a new apartment. They already called to welcome me (at midnight). I feel so lucky. My pred is really nice, too.

Definately, three years.

June 5th, 2004, 01:19
I think that I'm going to stay for 2 years. My placement sounds awesome so far (although I haven't really heard from my predecessor yet). I also need some time to pay off my student loans.....

If I love it, I will probably stay for 3 years...or 4...or 5. :D

June 5th, 2004, 05:12
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Han X

June 5th, 2004, 10:28
Yeah.. I'll (hopefully) be staying in Japan for a looong time.

I'll stay with JET for as long as possible probably, learning as much Japanese as I can... and then... I want to try to progress my career and work for Sony or NEC or something... :)

June 5th, 2004, 11:14
The four or five year contracts are new and they are only being offered in certain prefectures. In addition to this the positions are limited. However, in a few years things may change.

June 8th, 2004, 13:49
Two years at the max, we think. Japan is our adventure, but we have to come back to our other lives eventually. But all you people who say, you better keep in contact so I have friends all around the country where I can stay! Hotels sure are expensive in Japan...

June 8th, 2004, 15:51
I only really planned on going for a year, but if I'm having fun and I don't feel like getting a real job, then I wouldn't mind staying.

I don't know where I'm being placed yet, which is obviously a major factor.

June 17th, 2004, 01:42
Yeah, I reckon it makes sense to go for two as can really settle in and get to know the country, also allows for lots of foreign travel. And if it's a nice lifestyle why hurry home to get back into a lifelong career??

I accidently said something about 2yrs to friends the other day, talk about freakout, "what! You can't go for 2yrs, we've only just got used to the idea of a year blah blah blah" Opps! Sweet though I guess, I'll just have to get them all to visit I :-)

June 17th, 2004, 18:21
Yeah, I reckon it makes sense to go for two as can really settle in and get to know the country, also allows for lots of foreign travel. And if it's a nice lifestyle why hurry home to get back into a lifelong career?? :-)

Well said RSG, my sentiments exactly. And 2yrs allows for greater language learning opportunities.

June 17th, 2004, 19:49
why don't you all just wait and see if;

a) you like it
b) your BOE are willing to keep you on
c) nothing happens at home which means you want/need to go back

hmm just a thought....

June 17th, 2004, 21:02
Well said dave

You can't plan this far ahead!

In fact Im lcky if I can even plan a month ahead - so as with most of these things i reckon you have just gotta play it by ear.

Im lookin at the First month as a holiday - after that its a job - then I can start worrying about whether Im gonna continue after my first year

Hell - I gotta leave somet to worry about this time next year eh?

June 22nd, 2004, 20:41
Sure, you can never say for definite as never know what will happen. BUT, I've been working for the past 4yrs since I graduated and have no illusions of what the UK job market can offer me. An interesting job working with kids, living abroad in an amazing culture and with opportunities to travel, where I will work half the hours I currently work and pay no rent and have a car thrown in is infinitly better than the daily commute and hard grind I currently do. Add to that the fact that I will pay my student debts off three times faster than I've been able to here and the thought of coming back after just one year is not so appealing... But hey, that's just me! ;-0

June 30th, 2004, 22:49
I came to Japan 'for one year'.. Eight years ago.

I give you a cast-iron guarantee that at least one person posting on this thread will be in Japan for 5 years plus.

June 30th, 2004, 23:08
I came to Japan 'for one year'.. Eight years ago.

Osakan, what made you stay in Japan? You've been staying in Osaka for 8 years?

June 30th, 2004, 23:38
No, I've lived in a few different prefectures now.

I suppose if I made a list as to why I stayed it would be:

1. I got to grips with the language and really like using it everyday
2. I kept getting a better job (I didn't come with JET)
3. I got married
4. Made loads of friends who were either Japanese or fairly long-term people and eventually they became more important to me than friends from back home
5. It's quite nice going home once or twice a year and being a tourist in your own country
6. The arrival of the Internet and the ease with which you can get stuff / information / contact from home makes living abroad much less of a challenge than it was 10-15 years ago

July 1st, 2004, 00:04
Of all the prefectures you have lived in Osakan - which was the best and why.

I know your going to probably say each has its good and bad points but overall where was the most fun place to be?

July 1st, 2004, 00:14
Well.... Osaka's great so far. It's one of the largest cities in Asia in it's own right, yet it feels very much like home - I haven't been here a year yet.

Kumamoto was the most fun. Fantastic city in an excellent prefecture. I envy any JET that gets placed there. In fact I still visit there twice a year or so through work.

Tokyo was a real buzz to live in, but there wasn't much of a community there. Most of the foreign people in Tokyo are short-termers as the working holdiay crowd tend to congregate there. It's an amazing place though.

Kanagawa was kind of boring in many ways, although Yokohama is a terrific city. I did find myself going up to Tokyo a lot for kicks though.

July 1st, 2004, 00:24
I love Kanagawa! Kamakura is a lovely place and Fujisawa is just such a perfect city in which to live. And Yokohama too!

Plus, it's close to Tokyo, which is very handy!

Actually, I haven't been anywhere else in Japan so I may be a bit premature in declaring my love for the place! :lol:

July 1st, 2004, 00:30
Yeah, that's true. Fujisawa is a cool place. I wonder if that bar is still there.... Mataris? it was called something like that.

July 1st, 2004, 00:33
It was still there last year! Although I never went in for some reason. Queens Bar beneath it was great, though!

Did you live in/near Fujisawa? I was there for 3 months and then spent 3 months in Yamato, which is a great city if you're into gangsters and Filipino hookers!

You know, I asked one of my students about which bars were good in Fujisawa and he told me to go to Queens Bar and Bar Camp. What was he trying to say!?!

Did you ever go to Maharani Indian Restaurant?

July 1st, 2004, 04:04
Yeah I'll definately be one of those 5 year plus folk. I also saw that, if you pass the exams for the 4th and 5th year renewals you'll be teaching elementary school frequently (along with lession plans for your BOE etc).

Yeah the greater Tokyo area is cool but much like any major city for me, they grow tired. Been to Kamakura, Asakasa, Kanagawa, Yokohama, etc and there's great stuff there but it feels more touristy than anything.