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May 9th, 2004, 00:43
Since all my preferences were in the Chubu and Hokuriku areas, I just figured I'd preemptively introduce myself here. Should find out my placement sometime in the next few weeks, then I can say more.

Anyway, I'm a new college grad with degrees in Mathematics and Psychology (honors or high honors), a minor in history, and too many awards to my name. I'm an opinionated bastard who likes mouthing off, and I take pleasure in spoiling others fun. I have some background working with international students to help them learn English here in the States, and it's earned me a few friends throughout Asia at this point.

I kill those who oppose my nefarious plan to take control of the tuna packing industry.

I put in a request for Takayama in Gifu-Ken. Sounds like the only spot opening up in Takayama is at the local Ag school, but I'd be more than happy to work there. Here's looking forward to learning placements and seeing if the Takayama JETs are going to get saddled with my bad attitude and malfeasance.

May 10th, 2004, 00:13
Yeah, I already know you from Big Daikon it seems we've both been there as long as each other, on the whole I agree with what you say. Anyway I picked Shizuoka as my first preference and it seems to be a great place and takes on a lot of JETs so hopefully I'll get placed there.

May 10th, 2004, 10:50
Hey all,
I'm a 31 yr old guy from New Zealand, my first preference was Shizouka, my secound choice was Gifu, and my third Aichi, but it's anybodies guess where I'll end up. But who knows, maybe Shizouka it will be, as well.

May 13th, 2004, 23:19

I'm not sure if you have been to shizuoka or not but i happened to have lived there for 8 or 9 months just a few words of advice, when you arrive in your City/town/village as soon as you can get your hands on a good elec. fan even if your apartment has A/C etc... believe me you'll need it! summers in shizuoka are famous for being nasty(i.e. too bloody hot and humid compared to other parts of Japan even kyoto).

Just to give you an idea, think of the hottest and most humid day you have ever experinced in NZ well...when i was in Shizuoka i prayed for a day like that i.e. the hottest days we get in NZ are mild compared to Shizuoka.

May 19th, 2004, 04:58
what's up everybody. . . . i'm a 2004/05 praticipant from ottawa and i just found out today that i'm going somewhere in nagano-ken. . . . . .
mina-san ganbatte kudasai

May 19th, 2004, 17:30
I've been placed somewhere in Shizuoka-Ken.

As far as a bio:

Grew up in the shadows of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Graduated from the University of Colorado (Boulder) with a degree in electrical engineering.

Hobbies include making weird frankenobjects from randomly salvaged parts, air guitar, protesting, Lindy Hop, watching indie film, sitting in large public spaces and "cool people" watching (think Jane Goodall), tinkering with *nix, making and spreading stencil graf.

While at uni, I taught the wonders of engineering, math, and science to 3rd graders. I also installed and benchmarked the first wireless-ethernet data acquisition system (ever) to be used in macro-centrifuge geotechnical testing.

For the touchy subjects: I'm politically left (GPL, Chomsky, Zinn, Klein), and religiously cynical, tho spiritually inclined. Given my past, the best discription in that area would be "died again".

I love break beats/hip-hop, jazz, and indie rock. For names: Blackalicious, Tribe, J5, Twelib Kwali, Ozomatli, Atmosphere, RjD2; Basie, Ellington, Simone, Powel, Monk, Calexico; the Flaming Lips, Bright Eyes, Built to Spill, Rilo Kiley, the Eels, Nick Drake, Modest Mouse, Morphine, Portishead, Neutral Milk Hotel.

Longest running past-time would be the geeky Lindy Hop.

end of line

May 20th, 2004, 12:55
I just recieved an e-mail that I'll be placed somewhere in Gifu-ken!

Anyone else going to Gifu?


May 20th, 2004, 14:18
Here's a few websites with info pertaining to Gifu-ken:



May 20th, 2004, 15:25
:D I've just received a letter from the consulate saying that I've been placed in Gifu city, in Gifu-ken. I'm happy about that, Gifu was my secound choice behind Shizouka, but hay I'm just happy that I've finally been placed. Gifu city sounds kinda neat. :D


P.S - I'm from N.Z, Christchurch consulate in case anyone else in N.Z is wondering if any Kiwi's have been placed yet.

May 22nd, 2004, 14:36
I'll be going to Gifu as well, though I expect it'll be Hida Takayama, which was actually my first choice.

You're from Christchurch, KM? My father worked at the U of Canterbury for a while while he was on sabbatical a few years back. Had the good fortune to get to visit him while he lived there. I'll be coming back this summer, something of a graduation present. Looking forward to the chance to see your most excellent country again.

May 25th, 2004, 08:09
Going to Yamanashi and am about 5 mins away from my first choice Shizuoka so pretty pleased overall :)

October 24th, 2004, 14:09
Hello people currently in Chubu,

I am applying for JET this year (2005). I am interested in living in Chubu prefecture as a placement. I would like to ask you all some questions. Question the first, how do you all like it so far? Question the second, according to my "sources" the SOP is the most important part of the app. process, what do you think of this opinion? Question the last, will picking a place with exiting JET's increase my chances of being accepted? If so, does anyone know of certain areas losing people (urban preferably)? Thank you for any and all responses.

P.S. With regard to Mr. Rumsfeld, if you think what he's doing now is evil/crazy, take a look at what he did/said while he was under the Reagan adminstration. Hint: He thought he was one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. Sweet.

October 24th, 2004, 23:56
Hey there, Andy. Detroit, is it?

I like JET just fine (I'm in Yaizu, Shizuoka - go to wikipedia.org). It's kinda like life but not hard. JET is most certainly a sacturary from life. It's like uni part 2. All the complaints you read about are (generally) qutie small (and magnified because the person is feeling more vulnerable being in a foreign non-western country - I mean not getting bread you like, now that's tough). So life is fine, low stress, few obstacles, and quite enjoyable most of the time.

Er, the SOP. Prolly, I guess you're right. I dunno at all. Each part of the app is worth points here and there, so a poorly written SOP can be compensated for by filling out other parts of the app more clearly.

A guaranteed placement request grant is typically the sister city. Find your Japanese sister city and see if you wanna go there. JET/CLAIR (there are heaps of governing bodies that decide where us plebs go) honors sister city requests. I haven't met a JET who requested their sister city and didn't get placed there. So that's about 4 people. Erhm, we don't have to decide about recontracting until the beginning of Feb, so no one will really know before your app is due about leaving JETs.

October 26th, 2004, 15:37
I live near to Mac-North. -Finally realised who you were!!

Life here is easy and consists of eating out, drinking, planning the next excursion and teaching some English.
Nowhere in Shizuoka has the big city feel really though all along the Tokaido JR line are cities.
I live 3 stops down from Mac-North. When I arrived two of the JETs here said they would be going home at the end of the year.- 2 places there. The city has a population of 70,000 but the fact that its main industry is green tea and paper does illuminate it somewhat.