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May 28th, 2004, 12:19
Well, apparently it's already getting around that I'm looking into organizing fun Gifu get-together things. Unfortunately, what with the moving of all my worldly belongings, I'm not in much of a mindset to do too much planning at the moment. Also don't have definitive placement or the JET info packet yet, so for the moment partying plans remain horribly tentative.


I'd like to sound you all out on what you want to do. Should we get together for drinks in Tokyo (figure this is a nobrainer-type thing). Should we try for a group tramping excursion through Hida, possibly in one of the onsen areas? Should we get a New Years thing together?

Gifu AJET seems to be decently active, so they may actually do this sort of stuff already, we'll see, but if they aren't then I'll do some planning myself. I just want to sound you folks out on what sort of things you'd like to do. I'll be first on the ground with Group A, so I can start putting things in motion quickly, hopefully, though unfortunately I probably won't be able to hang out with you Group B and Group C people (not that GCs are hanging out here yet)

Post here with ideas on things you like to do and that you'd like to get together with other Gifus for. We're all in this together, and we're probably going to become sort of a support network for one another over the next year or more, so let's get our act together and make a point of meeting one another.


May 28th, 2004, 13:42
Well, according to Gifujets.com you'll have plenty of time to postpone/ plan your party- and see the party standards you'll have to live up to!

I guess for us we'll need to be saving those "pennies" (as opposed to shillings).

That's one thing less to do once we arrive! I'm getting a little more excited each day.

~Mere (read on-->)
(from Gifujets@yahoogroups)

"And for any newbies reading this...save some shillings for the enormous amounts
of welcome parties that will be thrown all over the prefecture devoted to you
guys! We are looking forward to meeting you and are here to help in any way
possible. I hope your predecessors leave you with great news...unlike many JETs
who have received JACK from their own...

Until next time!

Warm regards ,

Gifu AJET Family
(Monique, Kristen, Mo, Debbie, Angela)"


July 17th, 2004, 17:40
Speaking for us Gifu Group Cers, there will be hell to pay if we are left out of any (and I do mean any!) welcoming festivities. We are internationally known as quite the rowdy bunch, and well we are often assumed to be fun-loving, can also have immense problems controlling our vicious tempers as well... You've all been warned. :D