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May 30th, 2004, 13:33
I've spend the last hour listening to Japanese radio while revising for my exams. If you've got access to media player you should be able to find Tokyo FM on the radio tuner - this station seemed to be the clearest to me.

It seems like a good idea to listen to native speakers talking at a natural pace and I think it's helped me to understand the rhythm of the language more (even though I don't know the words). It might also be useful to see if you can find access to your local city's broadcast (especially if it's got a strong dialect).


July 15th, 2004, 06:59
Right! I saw this and thought...'excellent' I'm up for a little Tokyo FM listening (not that i'd understand much). However, I obviously dont have the skills. I can find the Tokyo FM website but I cant actually listen to the radio as I can't work out where to click to make it happen! I must be the thickest guy on this website...help me!!!

P.S. I think it would help if I could read the website...but there's no hope of this since I no speak japanese currently!