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June 5th, 2004, 05:49

I just got upgraded today!!!

Quick question for UW graduates!

First, are y'guys excited for graduation?? Congrats to all!!!

When are we going to be able to obtain the offical proof of graduation?? I went to Schmitz Hall a while ago to ask them and they told me to wait until after June 12. Do y'guys know any info about this?

Quick question for shortlisters

I have to get my medical evaluation form done asap. Where did y'guys got it done?? Family doctor, Hall Health, etc?? and How much did it cost you??


June 5th, 2004, 06:34
Mine was $50 dollars Canadian and I didn't have to get the X-rays done."It depends on the doctor" I had my tests done at a walk in clinic. It took 2 days for the results. Oh yeah, and congratulations to you. I can imagine how happy you must be!

June 5th, 2004, 06:36
YAY!!! Congratulations, I knew it was bound to happen. :D

Ok I went to Hall health-- The doctor there, Tammy Hazbun was really good EXCEPT I think that she might have messed up on my urinalysis. I had to see a specialist and go through so much extra crap... I might recommend you see your PCP, or someone you usually go to. The bill got sent to my insurance so I don't really know how much it is. I would go to a doctor you know well so that you can feel comfortable really asking them if they interpreted your results right. I say this only because of my nightmare experience of having to come in a few extra times, getting my forms delayed, having to get CAT scans, blood tests, and see more doctors. And THEN the specialist who cleared me in the end said that there was nothing wrong from the beginning. F ers.


I obtained my proof of graduation from my departmental advisor back when I sent my application. I don't know if we have to have another one now? :?: But if so, I guess after June 12 (when all grades are in).

June 5th, 2004, 08:01
Congrats Nui!!!

I had my medical form done at a local church in Seattle that has a clinic....it was only $5 but they spent maybe 2 hours on me...it was a funny experience.....if you have no insurance and the time it is a great deal...you don't need to belong to the church or be Christian....

They can listen to your lungs and if they sound clear you can have them write on the form that you don't need a chest x-ray.

They only have appointments on Wednesday nights but it wasn't a problem getting an appointment....

Let me know if you want the details. I don't have them with me but if anyone is interested I will post them later.

Take care,


June 5th, 2004, 16:57
Congratulations! Glad to hear the good news!

Had mine done at Virginia Mason with my GP/OB/GYN. So far, everything covered by my insurance. If you're worried about insurance covering it, may help if you think of an additional health item to talk w/your doc about. Went ahead and had the X-ray done just to be sure I had everything they wanted.

Actually, you may want to go ahead and get all your shots, exam, prescriptions updated, and all that so you're ready to leave the country, and don't have to pay for another appointment before we leave.

Comin' to coffee tomorrow?

June 6th, 2004, 01:44
Thanks, everyone for the info!

I called my insurance company and they said that they won't cover "preventative" exams. They will only cover "medical" exams.

so I guess I have to think of something.

I did found out that I can apply for this program because my income is so low right now being a student and all that I can get most of the exam costs pay for by the government (or something like that).

I checked with my family doctor and they said that it will probably cost around $170. I checked with Hall Health and it will cost around the same price there. However, if I need additional test done like urine or x-ray it will be more, so it could go upto $200 or more.

right now I have appointments with all three places... hall health, family doctor, and County clinic (with the program).

We'll see what happen.