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June 10th, 2004, 09:39
Hey everyone...just back with some stats we gave newcomers to Shimane last year's orientation. There are 120 JET participants from 11 idfferent countries in Shimane in the 2003 JET year. 32 of these are CIRs (working with local governments) and 88 of them are ALTs working in schools. Shimane has the highest per capita number of CIRs for a prefecture in Japan.

A little info about how your arrival in Japan might work. Group A orientation people, you'll do tokyo orientation for 2 or 3 days and then you'll fly out with all the Shimane JETs to Izumo airport (unless you are from Hamada, Masuda or south in the Iwami part of Shimane - then you'll fly to the IWAMI airport in Masuda 'cause it's closer to drive to your hometowns from there!). Then you'll have a week and a half or so to wait, until the .....

Group B orientation jets arrive in tokyo do their orientation there, upon which group b jets fly (with a prefectural advisor or volunteer 2nd or 3rd year jet) directly to IZUMO airport and arrive usually the night before the start of the prefectural SHIMANE orientation. Yes, poor group a has to survive in their placements for a week and a half before meeting all the shimane jets in Matsue at the prefectural orientation.....BUT the Group B jets will be orientated to DEATH!! he he he, it is tiring, i was one of the people responsible for guiding group b from tokyo, and going straight into Shimane orientation is rough, but it was fun.

So after the orientation (2 days) is over in Matsue, everyone returns to their hometown (or for group b jets for the first time!!!!) which is around August 10th or so??? not sure about the dates this year.

Hopefully that is helpful. Just so you know group B jets, that when you send luggage ahead from tokyo, that you have enough clothes to last you thru tokyo orientation and the shimane orientation, before you'll get a chance to get access to those suitcases again!!! USually you send a big suitcase onto your Board of Education and they get it to your apartment for you. (Some ALTs have to pay for this and some don't....i thought I didn't have to but paid later! it costs between 200 yen and 8000 yen depending on how large crazy heavy your luggage is.)

Since I live in the countryside of Shimane, I brought cash with me when I came, there are no ATMs where you can use your chequing back home here. Credit cards are accepted at one grocery store (Youme Town) in Masuda anyways.... and my highschool paid me a salary when I got here so I'd have some liquid cash too....but I found having some changed over into yen before I came over helped a lot!

Ok too much information and I gotta run, three classes in a row today. Take care everyone and hope to hear from you!

June 19th, 2004, 16:23
Because of the orientationed-out factor for group B, and wanting to include the not so widely known group C people (if there are any this year), this year's orientation has been pushed forward to the end of August - 25th-26th. This means that whether you are in group A or B, you'll be going straight to your Contracting Organisation for 4 weeks or so if you're group A, and a couple of weeks or so if you are in group B.

By the time the orientation arrives, everyone meeting in Matsue will have some idea of their placement and will be able to work out what information is relevant to them. It also means you can come armed with questions to ask your PAs and the other JETs assisting at the orientation!!

June 19th, 2004, 16:25
ps...do you say pushed forward or pushed back? - that always confuses me!

June 21st, 2004, 09:32
:) pushed back I think. means postponed...but then again I forget English!