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May 10th, 2004, 09:39
Am I the only one on the board headed into Eikaiwadom?

Unfortunately I wasn't offered an interview with JET. However, after finding this out, I applied online, got my interview notice, got my interview, got notice that I got the job, and got my placement....All while JET applicants were between the interview notice and placement phase :)
The good thing about corporations is that they expedite the process.

Even though I got a fantastic placement (the city next to the one where my fiancee is from), I would rather be doing JET. I would just rather be working at a place where educaiton was the only priority, as opposed to profit. While working there on my one year contract, I'll be looking for a job somewhere within the public schools.

In any case, I'm excited about going back to Japan and seeing old friends.

Anybody else joining Team Eikaiwa?

May 12th, 2004, 08:27
Make go interview with GEOS and AEON. Also, Interac, but that doesn't really count as an Eikaiwa because you are an ALT.

May 12th, 2004, 10:47
Me, I'm not (JET took me, the fools), but I know we have a few others who are going the Eikawa route. Phil is probably the most prominent among them. If you check his thread on missing people over on General, I think some of them may also be going Eikawa.

May 15th, 2004, 03:52
Hopefully I'll be saved from Eikaiwadoom by Interac but we'll have to wait til next month to find out.

May 15th, 2004, 15:03
Phil, if we are both ALTs with Interac who will be my coffee bitch?

May 15th, 2004, 18:38
Hey, that's what hubby's for.

May 16th, 2004, 00:14
Nuh-uh. He makes coffee all wrong. No good. Does anyone know about child labor laws in Japan?

May 21st, 2004, 16:45
For all those going the Eikaiwa route, my suggestion is AEON. I went with GEOS and didn't have the best experience. My local school was awesome, but head :twisted: office was a pain, and way behind on the times, even for Japan. My friend who went with AEON had a much better experience, and got to negotiate a lot of his situation, benies, and renewal contracts. GEOS isn't really growing domestically as much as AEON and NOVA. I hope those of you that chose GEOS have a better experience with HO than I.

Thank God, I got JET short-list!

May 23rd, 2004, 05:28
I'm going the route of the Eikaiwa as well since JET didn't give me an interview. I'm opting for AEON after reading up on them (although I have to wait until October to apply). I may try for JET again in a year or so, but I will see if I get a job at a private school while in Japan. Until then I get to sit tight and save up some money. Oh yeah, and hear about everyone else going until then :)

June 1st, 2004, 01:44
Which chain school is the best, AEON, GEOS or NOVA? I heard a lot of complaints about all of the chain schools However, people who are discontent will often write a ton of neagtive comments while the people who are satisfied remain quiet.

June 1st, 2004, 03:25
I just finished reading about the schools. They seem pretty good. One of then nice things about GEOS is that you don't have to share an apartment.

June 7th, 2004, 16:50
koitten, I'm curious - did you apply to JET while working for GEOS in Japan? How did that work out? Did you have to fly home to interview then fly back? Do you think the eikaiwa experience worked for you in the JET process?

I'm thinking of applying while working for GEOS, so I'd appreciate your perspective.

June 13th, 2004, 00:37
Little update: Somewhere in the middle of getting married, finals, finding a job, and graduation I had time for an interview with Interac. I don't know how they'll hold up once I get to Japan, but the interview was top notch. JET made me feel like crap, always second guessing myself.... like I wasn't good enough for their program. Reid and Steven (the Interac folks) admitted that we were from a "select" group of applicants, but had an laid back attitude and made me feel like they were actually interested in hiring me instead of pitting me against my fellow applicants in a battle royale. We joked and laughed during the interview, Reid even stopped my lesson to ask if he could eat one of my props (it had been a long day and said prop was an apple). Basically, if JET gave you the finger and you have a preference towards being an ALT I would recommend Interac from what I have seen so far.

June 18th, 2004, 11:53
Interac is soooo the best. I got my offer of employment today! :D

February 18th, 2005, 11:11
hmmm....never heard of interac before...seems like a decent place though...i started looking at AEON recently as well, just in case you know?! does anyone have the website for interac?

February 18th, 2005, 12:02

Google is your friend...

February 18th, 2005, 13:58
I've heard some bad things about Interac - people not being paid, lack of proper insurance, little holidays. A person I know badly damaged her knee and had to go home for treatment. Interac will not take her back under any circumstances, it seems.

I'm not trying to dissuade you; I've heard good things too. But just be wary.

February 18th, 2005, 14:15

March 8th, 2005, 05:50
It seems to me that one can do JET successfully with little or no education experience. I have a friend who wanted to return to Japan after doing JET and got into AEON. With only JET as education experience, it was really like getting thrown to the wolves. 4-5 classes a day, unassisted. You are _the_ teacher in AEON, and are responsible for all of what goes on. The workload reminded me of a first-year teacher here in the US - hours and hours of planning every day. As a career educator, one takes the hard first year for granted and then has those plans to work from and refine for years to come. Not so if you're only there one year!

The school my friend went to was in a very big metropolitan area, so this probably contributed to it, but the whole staff was always harried and no one really had even a desk to call their own. It was an incredibly stressful job. It would be good for someone who's been prepared with an education degree, some other training, or just doesn't mind that level of last-minute preparation and improvization.

It definitely seems like it could be a good follow-up for someone who's done JET and can plan, plan, plan.

March 15th, 2005, 20:57
Interesting, though I suppose that's expected.

I'm probably one of the few who are ditching JET after a year and giving the eikaiwa route a try. Failing that its back to the States where work will bring me...back to Japan. Once a month anyway. :D

I'm curious about the smaller private institutes (not the big guys like Nova, Aeon, and Geos) and the experience of working at these places. Thoughts, anyone?


March 15th, 2005, 22:02
Only 5-6 classes a day? Man, I wish I had that schedule.

March 20th, 2005, 08:18
I've just wrapped up a successful interview with AEON in the States and will visit GEOS and NOVA next week.

The main problem with the corporates is, for me, the emphasis they put on Doing It Like We Showed You, not Like It Works.

Yes, you're teaching, and not wasting the time abroad you worked so hard (snicker) to get. But you're teaching under the watchful, watchful eyes of headquarters. You're filling a perfectly uniform intro-level-shaped hole that the last guy left, who filled the hole before him.

I dread the notion of stumbling through eight or more 40-minute lessons per day with someone supervising and check-boxing and pulling me aside afterward to tell me I'm just not hitting the material, just not being accessible, just not putting the students at ease. Hard to do when even veteran teachers get the chokes under tally supervision.

Probably AEON training will be exactly this. Pleaugh.

Question: JET does not accept anyone who's lived or worked in Japan within (x) years of the application, correct? Does this mean that eikaiwa teachers like us are doomed to make the private circuit, corporate or small business, until we just can't take it anymore? :D